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1980 Coup in Guinea Bissau Munslow Brf 21:109-113
1986 Elections in Sudan: Tradition, Ideology, Ethnicity & Class Chiriyankandath Brf 38:96-102
1990 Zimbabwe Elections: A Post-Mortem Sachikonye Brf 48:92-99
1993 Land Legislation: its Implications & Implementation Steyn Brf 61:451-457
1993 Lesotho Election Southall Brf 59:110-118
1995 Tanzania Union Elections Richey/Ponte Brf 67:80-87
1995 UN Conference on Women WIDE Brf 56:122-123
1996 Index Ind 70:585-591
1996 Zambian Elections Baylies/Szeftel Art 71:113-128
1997 Index Ind 74:607
1998 Index Bib 78:665-666
1999 Index Fin 82:541-545
2002 Index Fin 93:657-661
2004 Elections in Northern Ghana Kelly Brf 104:455-461
2006 Index, Volume 33 Fin 110:791-798
2007 Index Fin 114:769-773
2008 Index Ind 118:691-700
40 Years is Enough! Brf 112:393-394
50,000 Protest in UK to Cancel Third World Debt Franklin Brf 76:287-288

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ABAAR: The Somali Drought (Lewis) Davidson Rev 6:110-112
Abdulmejid Hussein Cliffe/... Obit 101:545-546
Academic Freedom & Crisis of Neoliberalism: Some Cautions Caffentzis Deb 106:599-608
ACAS Bulletin: It's About Oil! Turshen Fin 91:151
Accidental Sect: How War Made Belief in Sierra Leone Richards Art 110:651-663
Accumulation & Development: A Theoretical Model Amin Art 1:9-26
Accumulation of dispossession Bush/... Edt 128:187-192
Activists Press for Full Debt Cancellation Hanyona Brf 103:177-178
Address to Members of Parliament Nyerere Brf 82:519-524
Adjustment for Stabilisation or Growth? Ghana/Gambia Parfitt Art 63:55-72
Adjustment in Egypt? Political Economy of Reform Bromley/Bush Art 60:201-213
Africa, African Diaspora & Development Zack-Williams/Mohan Edt 92:205-210
Africa and Fortress Europe: B.Gebrewold (ed) Bilgic Rev 121:469-470
Africa and the Drugs Trade Allen Edt 79:5-11
Africa and World Trade (Barratt Brown/Tiffin); Fair Trade Stoneman Rev 57:118-119
Africa, Asia & Anxieties about Globalisation Harsch Brf 79:117-123
Africa at First South Summit, Havana González Brf 84:341-346
Africa Centre in London Acheampong Brf 78:657-659
Africa From SAPS to PRSP Zack-Williams/Mohan Edt 106:501-503
Africa: Green Revolution or Rainbow Evolution? Thompson Brf 113:562-565
Africa, Imperialism & New Forms of Accumulation Bracking/Harrison Edt 95:5-10
Africa in a New World Order Cliffe/Seddon Edt 50:3-11
Africa in Crisis: Environmental Bankruptcy (Timberlake) Kirkby Rev 42:103-105
Africa: International Food Price Rises & Volatility Tickner Brf 117:508-514
Africa: New Gulf Oil States Servant Brf 95:139-142
Africa: Next Liberation Struggle? Saul Art 96:187-202
Africa: Perspective on Peace and Development (Hansen) Aidoo Rev 41:102-104
Africa Release Campaign (103 Gower Street, London) Africa Release Campaign Note 7:55
Africa Resource Guide Third World Resources/Third World Resources Bib 54:126-135
Africa Resources Guide Third World Resources/Third World Resources Bib 68:313-317
Africa Resources Guide Third World Resources/Third World Resources Bib 65:461-466
Africa Resources Guide Third World Resources/Third World Resources Bib 73:493-498
Africa: The Struggle, Intellectual & Political, Continues ... Saul Art 109:561-576
Africa Today & Tomorrow Nyerere Brf 75:149-152
Africa World Press Guide Third World Resources/Third World Resources Bib 76:299-312
African Agriculture: The Next 25 Years FAO/UN Rev 43:128-132
African Brain Drain: Igbo Decisions to Immigrate to the US Reynolds Art 92:273-284
African Charter: Words are not Enough Brf 69:453-458
African Debt Crisis (Parfitt/Riley) Stoneman Rev 48:129-132
African Debt Hoax Hanlon Brf 77:487-492
African Diaspora, ‘Development’ & Modern African Political Theory Adi Art 92:237-251
African Environment Turshen/... Edt 42:1-4
African Intellectuals; Rethinking Politics/Lang/Gender/Dev Rathbone Rev 111:207-208
African Jigsaw Littlejohn Edt 53:3-4
African Leaders and Corruption Timamy Deb 104:383-393
African Literature as Political Philosophy, (Okolo) Riddell Rev 118:681-682
African Mining: A Light at the End of the Tunnel? Ericsson Brf 51:96-107
African Peasants & Revolution Saul Art 1:41-68
African Perspectives on US Policy Toward the Continent Mittelman/... Deb 114:709-717
African Poor: A History (Iliffe) Markovitz Rev 44:83-88
African Population/Capitalism: Historic Persp (Cordell/Gregory) Pool Rev 42:105-107