Contributors to the Review of African Political Economy
Author - Sarah Bracking

Sarah is at the Institute for Development Policy and Management at SED (School of Environment and Development), University of Manchester. She works principally in the disciplines of political economy and political science with a set of research inquiries concerned with African states and markets.
The first of these research interests concerns politics and development, particularly comparative political analysis of democracies and democratisation; the second, processes of poverty and the political economy of impoverishment, dispossession and destitution, and in particular the role of economic informalisation and migrant remittances within poverty reduction processes and livelihood protection; and the third, processes of malign politics, of political corruption, authoritarianism and state collapse.
She also has a long-standing interest in the activities of development finance institutions and how these relate to the construction of power in the global political economy and has just written a book on this called Money and Power: the Great Predators in the Political Economy of Development.

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