Briefing from ROAPE Volume 32 Number 104/5
Famine in Niger is Not All That it Appears

Famine in Niger is Not All That it Appears
Vol.32 No.104/5 (Jun/Sep 2005), pp405-407
The increasingly serious famine situation in Niger has finally hit the British television news. News bulletin reports that up to 4 million people face starvation as a result of last year's harvest failure are correct. Explanatory statements, la Geldorf-G8 style, that the seriousness of the current famine situation is the result of tardiness on the part of world agencies and the EU to recognise the inevitability of this year's famine and send either sufficient food or financial aid are not correct. The reality of the situation, like so many other famine situations in the less developed world, is rather more complex.