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Development & Diaspora: Separate Concerns? Zack-Williams Art 65:349-358
Development and New Rights-Based Approaches in Africa Tripp Deb 120:279-280
Development Denied: Autocratic Mil in Post-elec Zimbabwe Bracking Art 104:341-357
Development in a W African Village in Era of Democratisation Rudebeck Art 71:75-86
Development in Africa Edt 1:1-8
Development in Africa: Imperial Project Versus Nationalist Project Cheru Deb 120:275-278
Development in Africa: Thinking and Policy Schmidt/Mittelman Deb 120:273-274
Development of a Middle Peasantry in Nyanza N'yong'o Art 20:108-120
Development of Capitalism in Africa (Sender/Smith) Akram-Lodhi Rev 41:97-102
Development of Capitalism in Northern Nigeria (Shenton) Olukoshi Rev 37:116-118
Development or Exploitation: Is Sahel Famine Good Business? Meillassoux Art 1:27-33
Development Theory/Reality: WB in Northern Ivory Coast Bassett Art 41:45-59
Development/Underdev. in Copper econs (Lusaka 1974) Brf 2:111-115
Diasporan West African Communities: Kru in Freetown & Liverpool Frost Art 92:285-300
Dictated Trade: Case Against Africa Growth & Opportunity Act Martin/ACAS Brf 77:531-532
Dilemmas of Kenyan Succession Southall Art 84:203-219
Dirty Work 2: The CIA in Africa (Ray/Schaap/Van Meter/Wolf) Munslow Rev 19:103-105
Disaster Prevention: Defining the Problem Mamdani Brf 33:92-96
Discourse/Development/Digital Divide: ICT & World Bank Thompson Art 99:103-123
Disinvestment & Black Worker Attitudes in SA Schlemmer Deb 38:77-79
Disinvestment and Black Workers Attitudes in SA Sutcliffe/Wellings Deb 34:68-81
Disposable Nannies: Domestic Servants in Political Econ of SA Cock Art 21:63-83
Distant Obligations: Speculations on NGO Funding/Global Mkt Fowler Art 55:9-29
Djibouti: Between War & Peace Kadamy Art 70:511-521
Djibouti: From French Outpost to US Base Bollee Brf 97:481-484
Do we understand the Linkages between Economic Growth, Poverty Targets & Poverty Reduction? Casse/Jensen Art 122:539-553
Doctrines of Development (Cowan/Shenton) Williams Rev 83:147-150
Documents and Statements on the Sthn African Crisis in 1984 Brf 29:144-150
‘Dollarisation’ in Zimbabwe and death of an industry Pilossof Brf 120:294-299
Domestic and Foreign Policies of a New SA Mbeki Art 11:6-16
Domination & Control Tunisia: Econ Levers for Authoritarian Power Hibou Art 108:185-206
Don't Touch, Just Listen! Popular Performance from Uganda El-Bushra/Dolan Art 91:37
DR Congo: End Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources Brf 107:158-159
Dramatic Shifts in Military Balance: 1984 Eritrean Offensive Cliffe Brf 30:93-97
Drought & Famines Bush Brf 33:59-63
Durban Summit and Beyond: Whither the Commonwealth? Anyaoka Brf 83:103-109
Dynamics of Private Security in Senegal O'Brien Brf 118:655-659

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East African Alternatives Cliffe Rev 79:153-154
Eastern Europe: Consequences for Africa Hutchful Art 50:51-59
Eastern Sudan: Caught in Web of External Interests Young Brf 109:594-601
Echoes of divergence: the politics and politicisation of Nigeria’s debt relief Nwozor Art 119:23-35
Ecology Control & Econ Development in E. Africa (Kjekshus) Coulson Rev 10:115-116
Ecology of Survival: Case of NE African History (Johnson et al) Ishemo Rev 42:107-109
Economic Justice/Market Forces Monbiot Brf 89:467-470
Economic Prospects for Africa Seddon Brf 64:275-278
Economics, Natural Res Scarcity & Development (Barbier) Simon Rev 51:123-125
Economist's Tale: Consultant Encounters Hunger and World Bank (Griffiths) Riddell Rev 103:205-207
Economy/Pre-industrial/Social Chg in SA (3 bks) Freund Rev 29:155-160
Eduardo Mondlane & Rise/Fall of Mozambican Socialism Saul Art 104:309-315
Effects of Structural Adjustment in Kandjadja, Guinea-Bissau Rudebeck Art 49:34-51
Egypt: a permanent revolution Bush Brf 128:303-307
Egypt: Anatomy of Succession Stacher Art 116:301-314
Egypt: Building an Information Society for International Dev Wheeler Art 98:627-642
Egypt: Islamic Sisters Advance Kristianasen Brf 110:744-747
Egyptian Electoral Politics: New Rules, Old Game Abdel-Latif Brf 88:273
Egypt's New Draconian Press Law: A Tale of Two Sons Ragab Brf 66:592-595
Election Observation Nigeria/Madagascar: Diplomatic vs Technocratic Bias Kohnert Art 99:83-101
Elections Diary Sthn Africa Res/Doc Cntr Doc 81:423-424
Elections in Algeria Seddon Brf 49:70-73
Elections in Kenya Närman Brf 96:343-350
Elections in Mozambique Harrison Brf 63:115-118
Elections in the imperial periphery: Ethiopia hijacked Brigaldino Brf 128:327-334
Electricity, Industry and Class in SA Christie Rev 34:109-110
Eliciting Compliance from Warlords: ECOWAS/Liberia Aning Art 81:335-348
Eliminating World Poverty: Is Neo-liberal Globalisation the Answer? Crawford Deb 88:261
Emerging Spaces for Debating Africa & the Global South Tar/Durrani Deb 113:497-505
Emile Vercruijsee Obit 23:115
Emma's War: Love, Betrayal & Death in the Sudan (Scroggins) Woodward Rev 97:518-522
Empowering People? World Vision/'Transformatory Dev' in Tanzania Kelsall/Mercer Art 96:293-304
Empowerment of Women & Democracy in Madagascar Ramamonjisoa Brf 58:118-123
Empowerment of Women in Uganda: Real or Symbolic Boyd Deb 45:106-117