Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Current Africana 26 (continued) Allen Bib 31:113-127
Current Africana 27 Allen Bib 32:122-127
Current Africana 27 (Continued) Allen Bib 33:116-127
Current Africana 27 (continued) Allen Bib 34:116-124
Current Africana 27 (continued) Allen Bib 35:98-99
Current Political Situation in Liberia issued 19 Oct 1984 Brf 32:89-92
Cut Backs in Japanese Aid Seddon Brf 75:132-133

- D -

D R Congo: Explaining Peace Building Failures, 2003-2006 Autesserre Art 113:423-442
DARFUR! de Waal Brf 110:737-739
Darfur: A Short History of a Long War (Flint/de Waal) Salmon Rev 106:659-661
Darfur: between Humanitarian Fundamentalism and Khartoum’s Divide and Rule Verhoeven/... Deb 122:630-635
Darfur: Dying for Peace Flint Brf 108:325-327
Darfur, Politics and War on Terror (M.Mamdani) Freund Rev 122:653-655
DARFUR: STOP! Confrontational Rhetoric Flint Brf 113:535-540
Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide (Prunier) de Waal/Salmon Rev 106:653-661
‘Darwin's Nightmare’ (Sauper): Critical Assessment Molony/... Rev 113:605-608
David vs Goliath: Genetics and the New Millennium Deb 82:491-494
Death and the King's Horsemen, W. Soyinka Ekumah Rev 121:472-473
Death of President Samora Machel: Official Communique dos Santos Obit 37:2-4
Debate in Kenya Edt 17:1-3
Debate Intensifies in Mozambique Hanlon Deb 91:113
Debate on Democracy in Contemporary Zimbabwe Sachikonye Deb 45:117-126
Debating the Year of Africa Brown Art 111:11-27
Debt and Imperialism/The Debt Squads (2 bks) Zack-Williams Rev 49:111-116
Debt & Indebtedness: Dynamics of Third World Poverty Hoogvelt Deb 47:117
Debt Cancellation/Lender Responsib/Poor Country Empowerment Pettifor Brf 83:138-144
Debt, Development and Democracy: IMF/Post-apartheid SA Padayachee Art 62:585-597
Debt Relief & Social Investment: Linking HIPC/HIV/AIDS Epidemic Cheru Art 86:519-535
Debt Relief for Africa Watkins Art 62:599-609
Decade of 'Trade Not Aid' Thompson Brf 96:321-323
Declaration de la Coalition Anti-guerre des femmes Africaines Brf 79:132-133
Decline of Eurafrica? Lomé's Mid-Term Review Parfitt Art 67:53-66
Deep Seabed Mining: Implications for Zaïre & Zambia Payne Brf 12:98-104
Deepening Crisis of the Nigerian National Bourgeoisie Osoba Art 13:63-77
Defence Expenditures, Arms Procurement and Corruption Willett Art 121:335-351
Defence Statement of El Tigani El Tayyib Babikir Babikir Brf 26:69-78
Defence Systems/Equipment: Lifeblood of Arms Trade Prichard/O'Nions Brf 104:475-477
Demanding development Harrison/Mercer Edt 124:119-122
Demilitarisation/Disarmament/Development in Sthn Africa Willett Art 77:409-430
Demobilising Eritrea's Army Woldegabriel Brf 58:134-135
Democracy and Civil Society in SA: Response to Glaser Fitzgerald Deb 49:94-110
Democracy & Development Munslow/Zack-Williams Edt 49:3-8
Democracy & Imperial Rivalry in Equatorial Guinea Hughes Brf 69:442-445
Democracy, Civil Society & NGOs Edt 55:3-8
Democracy Debate in Africa: Tanzania Shivji Art 50:79-91
Democracy Development & Defence Allen Edt 64:147-150
Democracy in Southern Africa: Moving Beyond Difficult Legacy Southall Art 96:255-272
‘Democracy’ in Upper Volta Taylor Brf 21:102-109
Democracy & the Money Machine in Zaire de Herdt Art 93:445-462
Democratic not Colonial Management for Liberia Tipoteh Brf 39:73-75
Democratic Process and the Challenge of Gender in Nigeria Abdullah Art 56:27-37
Democratic SA? Constitutional Engineering/Divided Society Taylor Rev 55:113-118
Democratic Struggles & Apartheid Barbarism Cobbett/... Edt 40:1-5
Democratisation in Kenya: Should the Left Participate or Not? Mwakenya Brf 61:475-478
Democratising Nigerian Politics Obi Brf 112:379-384
Democratization in Africa: African Views/Voices (Kpundeh) Crawford Rev 59:140-142
Democratization Processes in Africa N'yong'o Agn 54:97-102
Democratization Processes in Africa: Problems & Prospects Imam Agn 54:102-105
Demystifying Africa's Security Keenan Deb 118:634-644
Demystifying Niger Delta Conflict Idemudia/Ite Art 109:391-406
Dependence/Collective Self-Reliance - SADCC (Tostensen) Phillips Rev 27:222-223
Dependence/Opportunity: Change in Ahafo (Dunn/Robertson) Copans Rev 3:96-99
Dependency Theory and Political Economy of Africa's Crisis Bienefeld Art 43:68-87
Dependent Food Policy in Nigeria 1975-79 Oculi Art 15:63-74
Desertification: Science, People & Environmental Issues Thomas Deb 74:583-589
Design for Equity: Linking Policy/Objectives in SA Land Reform Hall Art 77:451-462
Desperate Days in Zimbabwe Phimister/Raftopoulos Brf 113:573-580
Detentions in Kenya Note 22:4
Deteriorating Political Situation in the Southern Sudan Sudanese Students Brf 26:87-89
Dev/Income Distrib./Social Change in Rural Egypt 1952-70 Wright Rev 8:134
Development Alternatives with Women: Food & Debt Crisies Thomas-Emeagwali Brf 43:94