Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Consciousness/Organisation/Action among Lagos Portworkers Waterman Art 13:47-62
Conservation Issue in Zimbabwe Cliffe Art 42:48-58
Considering the Role of the BBC in African Conflict Temin Brf 98:654-660
Constructing Alternatives to Structural Adjustment in Africa Carmody Art 75:25-46
Contemporary African State: A Ruling Class? Forrest Deb 38:66-71
Contents of Volume 22, 1995 Ind 66:599-604
Contents of Volume 27, 2000 Fin 86:603-608
Contest of visions: Ethiopia's 2010 election Sansculotte-Greenidge Brf 124:221-227
Context of Human Rights in Uganda Today Nkamuhayo/Seidel Brf 45:174-179
Contract Farming and Peasantry: Cases from W. Kenya Buch-Hansen/Marcussen Art 23:9-36
Contradictions in Peripheralization of a Pastoral Soc.: Maasai Hedlund Art 15:15-34
Contradictions of Broadcast. Reform in Post-Apartheid SA Barnett Art 78:551-570
Control of Reproduction: Principle and Practice in Nigeria Pittin Art 35:40-53
Controlling & Punishing Women in Ghana Ampofo Brf 56:102-111
Convergent Catastrophes in Central Africa Newbury Brf 70:573-576
Coping or Struggling? Impact of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa Rugalema Art 86:537-545
Coping with Adj/Economic Crisis in Egypt's Countryside Bush Art 66:499-516
Coping with Rapid Urban Growth in Africa (Stren/Etemendia) Simon Rev 45:213-216
Copper & the Multinationals - Editorial Comment Brf 2:110
Copper & Controversy in the DR Congo Kippin Brf 117:482-486
Copper Mining Agreements Zambia: Renegotiation/Law Reform? Lungu Art 117:403-415
Corner House Brf 116:342
Corner House Brf 107:160-161
Corporate Mercenaries: Threat of Private Military/Security Mathieu/... Brf 114:744-755
Corruption and Development: S. Bracking Routley Rev 121:466-467
Corruption in Nigeria: Historical Perspectives Osoba Art 69:371-386
COSATU 1987: from the Executive Committee COSATU Brf 39:68-73
COSATU Condemns Repression in Zimbabwe Craven Brf 96:328
COSATU: The State of Unions Lewis/Randall Brf 35:68-77
COSATU: Towards Disciplined Alliances Carrim Brf 40:87-95
Cosatu's Resolutions on Women COSATU Brf 56:124-125
Côte d'Ivoire after Houphouet-Boigny Rapley Brf 63:119-121
Counter-Insurgency on the Cheap de Waal Brf 102:716-725
Counter-trend Mamdani Brf 66:563
Coups from Below: Armed Subalterns & State Power W Africa (Kandeh) Scarbrough/Udogu Rev 104:489-494
Crime of Conditionality Hoogvelt Brf 38:80-85
Crippling a Nation (Seedat)/SA Disease (de Beer) Green Rev 36:99-102
Crisis in Ghana: Class Struggle/Organisation 1981-84 Graham Deb 34:54-68
Crisis of Hegemonic Decline: US Disinterest in Africa Zwingina Deb 38:71-77
Crisis of Nation-state in Cen Africa: Theoretical Intro Van Hoyweghen/Smis Deb 93:575-581
Crisis of State & Regionalism in W Africa (Fawole/Ukeje) Bøås Rev 114:764-765
Crisis of the Nation-state in Africa Davidson/Munslow Art 49:9-21
Critique of African Peer Review Mechanism Bond Brf 122:595-603
Critique of Marxism-Leninism as Theory and Praxis Pearce Art 50:102-114
Crossroads: Politics of Reform & Repression 1976-86 (Cole) Mabin Rev 48:121-126
Cry for Beloved Country: Post-apartheid Denouement Saul Deb 89:429
Cuban-African Relations: Nationalist Roots of Internationalist Policy González Art 84:317-323
Cultural Determinism/Hegemony/Efficacy of Defective States Jacoby Art 104:215-233
Culture, Environment & the Enemies of Complexity England Art 76:179-188
Culture/Historical Knowledge in Africa: Cabralian Approach Ishemo Art 99:65-82
Cunning of Conflict Allen Edt 67:3-5
Current Africana Allen Bib 73:405-491
Current Africana Allen Bib 76:313-399
Current Africana Allen Bib 60:240-307
Current Africana Allen Bib 68:225-312
Current Africana 14 Allen Bib 9:113-128
Current Africana 15 Allen Bib 10:121-128
Current Africana 16 Allen Bib 11:111-128
Current Africana 17 Allen Bib 12:125-136
Current Africana 17 (continued) Allen Bib 13:108-121
Current Africana 19 Allen Bib 14:115-128
Current Africana 19 (continued) Allen Bib 15:174-183
Current Africana 1993/94 Allen Bib 65:379-460
Current Africana 20 Allen Bib 15:183-200
Current Africana 20 (continued) & 21 Allen Bib 17:114-128
Current Africana 21 (continued) Allen Bib 18:138-144
Current Africana 23 Allen Bib 19:107-128
Current Africana 23 (continued) Allen Bib 20:125-127
Current Africana 24 Allen Bib 23:116-128
Current Africana 24 (continued) Allen Bib 24:123-128
Current Africana 25 Allen Bib 27:224-234
Current Africana 26 Allen Bib 30:136-142