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Class Formation in the Peasant Economy of Southern Ghana Vercruijsse Art 15:93-104
Class/Power/Ideology in Ghana: Sekondi Railwaymen (Jeffries) Crisp Rev 14:111-113
Class/Power/Ideology in Ghana: Sekondi Railwaymen (Jeffries) Crisp Rev 12:120-122
Class, Race and Gender: Domestic Workers in SA Gaitskell/... Art 27:86-108
Class, Race & Gold: Class Relations/Discrim in SA (Johnstone) Davies Rev 7:127-131
Class Relations: AIDS and Socio-economic Privilege in Africa Bujra Art 107:113-129
Class, Resistance & Social Transformation Bush Edt 114:613-618
Class Struggle & Liberation Edt 4:1-12
Class Struggle and Periodisation of the State in SA Davies/... Art 7:4-30
Class Struggle & the State Innes/Plaut Art 11:51-61
Class Struggle, Popular Democratic Struggle and SA State Levin Art 40:7-31
Class Struggle & Resistance in Africa (Zeilig) Van Hoyweghen Rev 96:351-352
Class Struggles in Ghana's Mining Industry Silver Art 12:67-86
Class Struggles in Mali Francois Art 24:22-38
Class Struggles in Uganda Mamdani Art 4:26-61
Classes in Africa Edt 3:1-9
Clean-ups, Conditionality & Adjustment Harrison Art 81:323-333
Clientelism, Corruption & Catastrophe Szeftel Art 85:407-441
Clinton Administration's Policy Toward Angola: An Assessment Wright Art 90:563-576
CMAG 11th meeting - Concluding Statement CMAG (Harare Decl) Brf 80:291-293
Coffee Crunch Love Brf 82:503-508
Coffee Paradox: Markets/Trade/Elusive Development Brown Rev 112:401-403
Collier on War & Peace in Africa: Statistics in Command Lawrence Deb 111:169-176
Colonial Roots of the Famine in Karamoja: A Rejoinder Mamdani Deb 36:85-92
Colonial State in Northern Ghana: Political Econ of Pacification Plange Art 31:29-43
Colonialism/Underdev Ghana/British Business & Independence Shenton Rev 14:113-114
Coloured Politics in SA: the Quislings' Trek into Abyss Abrahams Brf 29:132-137
Combating Famine: A Revolutionary Strategy Wright Brf 30:100-105
COMESA - Africa's First Free Trade Area Shacinda Brf 87:121-122
Comment: AIDS, Africans & the Side-effects of Poverty Brf 73:389
Comment on Amin's ‘Accumulation & Development’ Henry Deb 4:105-106
Comment on ‘Relations of Production/Class Struggle/State’ Innes Deb 15:144-146
Comment on Southall & Gabriel Davidson Deb 15:152-153
Comments on Tanzania: Neo-colonialism/Struggle for Nat'l Lib Mahleka Resp 6:81-84
Commitment of the Intellectual Thiong'o Art 32:18-24
Commonwealth Secretary-General's Statement on Zanzibar Brf 84:348
Communique on Repression of Mauritanian Workers Polisario Brf 11:92
Communities & Reconstruction in Angola (Robson) Simon Rev 90:653
Community Development in Cape Verde Robson Brf 59:96-105
Community Fencing in Open Rangelands: Self empowerment in E Namibia Twyman/... Art 87:9-26
Community Land Conference Wixley Brf 61:441-445
Competition or Collaboration? Chinese & SA Transnationals Corkin Brf 115:128-133
Complex Pol Emergencies, Int'l Community & Congo Conflict Smis/Oyatambwe Art 93:411-430
Comprehensive Peace? Evolving Tension in Eastern Sudan Pantuliano Art 110:709-720
Computerizing Apartheid (Slob) Knox Rev 48:126-129
Comrade Thembsile ‘Chris’ Hani Ajulu Obit 57:2-6
Concept of ‘Development’ Phillips Art 8:7-20
Conceptual Critique of People's Education Discourse Mashamba Art 48:50-65
Concluding Declaration Second & Unity Congress, Eritrea Brf 39:83-86
Conditions for Democratic Consolidation Beetham Art 60:157-172
Conference of European Association of Social Anthropologists 2010 Panella Agn 127:169-174
Conflict and Intervention in the Horn; Behind the War in Eritrea McBride Rev 23:108-111
Conflict and Peace in the Horn of Africa Cliffe/... Edt 120:151-163
Conflict Cen Africa: Clandestine Networks Taylor Art 95:45-55
Conflict, Civil Society & Peace Building in West Africa Riley Brf 77:492-494
Conflict in the Horn of Africa Cliffe/Markakis Edt 30:1-7
Conflict of Interests/Interests in Conflict? Diamonds/War in DRC Samset Art 93:463-480
Conflict/Refugee Exp: Flight/Exile/Repat in Horn (Bariagaber) Witten Rev 111:210-211
Conflict Resolution in a ‘Non-Conflict Situation’ Harrison Brf 81:407-414
Conflicts and Sustainable Development in Bayelsa State Ibaba Art 122:555-573
Conflicts over Land and Water (Derman/Odgaard/Sjaastad) Allen Rev 119:141-143
Confrontation, Co=operation or Co-optation: NGOs and Ghana Gary Art 68:149-168
Confronting Categorical Assumptions About Power of Religion Green Art 110:635-650
Congo/Ex-Zaïre: Through the Looking Glass Collins Brf 75:112-123
Congo: From Leopold to Kabila: A People's History Iyenda Rev 93:631-634
Congo is Back! Collins Brf 72:277-286
Congo: Revisiting the Looking Glass Collins Brf 93:607-615
Congo: Waiting for Godot Smis/Trefon Brf 98:671-678
Congress in Eritrea Cliffe Brf 39:81-83
Congress Organisations and Revolutionary Movements Davidson Deb 5:99-102
CONSAS: New Strategic Offensive by SA Ctr African Studies Brf 18:102-105
Consciousness & Class Baylies/... Edt 19:1-7