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Can Africa Exploit the Internet? Newslink Africa Brf 83:127-129
Can Mozambique's New Pres. Lead Fight Against Corruption Mosse Brf 104:431-436
Can Somali Crisis be Contained? International Crisis Group Brf 110:752-758
Can the Poor Help GM Crops? Makhathini Flats, S Africa Witt/... Art 109:497-513
Canada and the geopolitics of mining interests: a case study of the Democratic Republic of Congo NON: Missing Author Compound Deb 128:289-302
Capital Accumulation & South Africa Bienefeld/Innes Art 7:31-55
Capital and the State in SA Bozzoli Art 11:40-50
Capital vs. Labour in West Africa Roberts/Williams Edt 31:3-6
Capitalism and Apartheid: SA, 1910-84 (Lipton) Muthien Rev 40:114-116
Capitalism & Hunger in Northern Nigeria Shenton/Watts Art 15:53-62
Capitalism and Political Strategy in Sudan (Mahmoud) Hiwet Rev 32:106-116
Capitalism in Africa Cliffe/Lawrence Edt 8:1-6
Capitalist Accumulation in Kenya: Straw Men Rule OK? Henley Deb 17:105-108
Capitalist Accumulation in the Periphery: Kenya Re-examined Kaplinsky Deb 17:83-105
Capitalist Development and Women's Work: Nigerian Study Dennis Art 27:109-119
Capturing the Peasants Through Cooperatives - Ethiopia Stahl Art 44:27-46
Carbon Trading: Climate Change, Privatisation and Power ( Lohmann) Death Rev 120:301-302
Carlos Cardoso Fauvet Obit 86:597-600
Carolyn Baylies: a Bibliography Obit 99:171-173
Casual Labour versus Agrarian Capital in Northern Ghana van Hear Art 31:44-56
Catastrophe in Darfur Reeves Brf 99:160-161
Cato Manor: Cruel Past, Pivotal Future Edwards Art 61:415-427
Central Africa Intervention/Hutu Extremists/Mobutu Regime Washington Office on Africa Brf 70:567-579
Central American Revolutionary Strategy in the 1980s Bollinger Art 32:56-63
Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline: WB/ExxonMobil in ‘Last Chance Saloon’ Keenan Brf 104:395-405
Chad/Darfur: How Two Crises Merge Marchal Art 109:457-482
Challenges of Decentralisation in Ethiopia's Somali Region Hagmann Brf 104:449-455
Challenging Gender Inequalities in Africa Baylies/Bujra Edt 56:3-10
Challenging Hegemony: New Humanism in SA (Gibson) Death Rev 108:371-372
Chameleons/Paramount Chiefs: Malawi Poet Jack Mapanje Vail/White Art 48:26-49
Change amoung West African Settlers in Northern Sudan Duffield Art 26:45-59
Changing Concepts of Articulation: Political Stakes in SA Today Hart Art 111:85-101
Changing Perspectives on South African Trade Unions Plaut Deb 30:116-123
Changing Predatory Styles of Int'l Oil Companies, Nigeria Von Kemedi Brf 95:134-139
Check on Socialism in Mozambique - Check? Socialism? Cahen Art 57:46-59
Chibaro: African Mine Labour in S.Rhodesia 1900-33 (Onselen) Cohen Rev 9:108-111
Child Labour & Health in Africa Note 36:41
Child Poverty in Africa Turshen Brf 117:494-500
Child Soldiers in the Civil War in Sierra Leone Zack-Williams Art 87:73-82
China: Africa's New Business Partner Seddon Brf 110:747-749
China Faces Reality in Africa Hilsum Brf 115:137-140
China in Africa: Review Essay Mohan Rev 115:155-166
China & India as Africa's New Donors: Impact of Aid on Dev McCormick Art 115:73-92
China & India in Africa: Introduction Corkin/Naidu Brf 115:115-116
China & Contradictions of ‘Non-interference’ in Sudan Large Art 115:93-106
China's Developmental Model Comes to Africa Davies Brf 115:134-137
Chinese investments in Africa Kragelund Art 122:479-517
Chissano Name 22 Ministers to Enlarge Cabinet Brf 83:123-125
Chris Allen Trib 118:676
Chris Allen Williams Obit 120:271-272
Chris Allen Williams Obit 122:651-652
Christian Fundamentalism & Development in Africa Gifford Art 52:9-20
Christian Nationalism/Afrikaner Broederbond (Bloomberg) Cross Rev 52:121-124
Chronology of Resistance in SA Brf 7:119-124
CIA in Africa - A Greater Voice for Africa in US ACAS Brf 55:107-113
CIIR Series: A Future for Namibia Schroder Rev 29:161-162
Citizen and Subject (Mamdani) Leach Rev 72:295-297
Citizen of Africa: Conversations with Morgan Tsvangirai (Chan) Moore Rev 104:483-488
Citizenship/Identity Formation/Conflict in S Kivu: Banyamulenge Vlassenroot Art 93:499-515
City Under Siege: Banditry/Modes of Accumulation in Nairobi Katumanga Art 106:505-520
Civil Society & Return of Military in Sierra Leonean Politics Zack-Williams Brf 73:373-380
Civil Society/Kleptocracy/Donor Agendas: What Future? Baylies/Power Edt 87:5-8
Civil Society Theory and Politics of Transition in SA Fine Deb 55:71-84
Civil War & Collective Intervention in Liberia Sesay Art 67:35-52
Civil War is Not a Stupid Thing (Cramer) Harrison Rev 110:786
Civilised Horrors of Over-work: Marxism, Imperialism/Dev Jones Art 95:33-44
Claiming workers' rights in the DRC: Collectif des ex-agents de la Gecamines Rubbers Art 125:329-344
Class Alliance and Class Fractions in Ghanaian Trading Clark Brf 49:73-82
Class Analysis of Tanzania: A Comment on the Debate Bienefeld Deb 4:106-109
Class and Protest in Africa: New Waves Seddon/Zeilig Art 103:9-27
Class & Revolution in Ethiopia Markakis/Ayele Brf 8:99-108
Class Formation & Ideology: The Transkei Region Innes/O'Meara Art 7:69-86