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Book Notes Fin 92:372
Book Notes Love Rev 83:150-153
Book Notes Fin 80:303-308
Book Notes Love Rev 77:535-538
Book Notes Love Fin 87:141-144
Book Notes Love Rev 82:537-539
Book Notes Bib 75:159-163
Book Notes Love Rev 79:155-159
Book Review Darch Rev 128:354-356
Book Reviews Rev 127:175-181
Book Reviews Rev 123:107-110
Book Reviews Rev 124:239-245
Book Reviews Rev 125:381-385
Book Reviews Rev 126:541-548
Books of the 1976 Revolt Hirson Rev 11:101-108
Books Received Bib 48:133
Books Received Fin 88:312
Books Received Fin 87:143-144
Books Received Fin 86:600-602
Books Received Rev 103:208
Books Received Fin 109:614
Books Received Bib 49:120-122
Books Received Bib 50:165-168
Books Received Bib 85:13-13
Books Received Fin 81:425
Books Received Fin 80:308
Books Received Bib 56:131-132
Books Received Rev 100:377-378
Books Received Bib 55:120-128
Books Received Rev 107:169-170
Books Received Bib 78:662-664
Books Received Bib 77:539-540
Books Received Bib 36:117-118
Books Received Bib 52:124-125
Books Received Bib 37:119
Books Received Ind 74:607
Books Received Fin 82:539-540
Books Received Fin 89:483
Books Received Fin 91:148
Books Received Bib 51:125-128
Books Received Rev 106:672
Books Received Bib 43:138
Books Received Rev 61:480-482
Born Again: The African Renaissance in London Mohan Brf 82:524-526
Botswana in SADCC/Ethnic Conflict/African Women (3 bks) Love Note 68:223-224
Botswana: Liberal Democracy and Labour Reserve (Parson) Molutsi Rev 38:117-119
Brandt Report: A Critical Introduction Williams Brf 19:77-86
'Break the Chains of Debt': International Jubilee 2000 African Recovery Doc 81:419-422
Breakfast with Mugabe (Grace) Brittain Rev 108:369-370
Breaking Conflict Trap - Civil War/Dev Policy (Collier et al) Hanlon Rev 96:352-354
Breaking the Conflict Trap - Civil War/Dev Policy (Collier et al) Hanlon Rev 99:181-182
Breeding Ground for Terrorists? ‘War on Terrorism’ Abrahamsen Art 102:677-684
Briefings Reloaded: Tell us about it Littlejohn Brf 123:87-88
Bringing Imperialism Back In Bush/Szeftel Com 80:170
Bringing Pol Struggle Back in: African Politics/Power/Resistance Harrison Art 89:387
Britain & Western Sahara: Examining Debate Brf 85:459-461
Britain's African Policy: Ethical or Ignorant? Allen Edt 77:403-407
British Economy and Third World Debt O'Connell Brf 57:116-117
Building Democracy in New SA: Civil Soc/Citizenship/Ideology Orkin Art 66:525-537
Building & Sustaining Stability in Lofa County, Liberia Temin Brf 102:711-715
Building Tomorrow Today: Trade Unions, 1970-84 (Friedman) Haworth Rev 41:92-93
Burkino Faso in the Winds of Liberalisation Harsch Art 78:625-641
Burundi Peace Negotiations Daley Art 112:333-352
Bush Admin/African Oil: Security Implications of US Energy Pol Volman Art 98:573-584
Business/State/Trade Unions (Taylor, Kester) Larmer RevArt 117:532-534
Business & War in Angola Cilliers Brf 90:636-641
By-elections in Zambia: Implications for 1996 Poll Chikulo Brf 69:447-453
By Inviting Bush we are Dishonouring Ourselves Njozi Brf 115:147-152
Bye to all the ‘B’ Stars of Pov Porn: Blair/Brown/Bob/Bono Abdul-Raheem Brf 107:156-158

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CAAT & Corner House Win Ruling on BAE-Saudi Corruption Brf 114:755-756
Calvary of Women of Eastern DRC Brittain Brf 93:595-601