Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Women and Society: CAMS Internationale Roberts Rev 27:185
Women & War: Eritrea Burgess Brf 45:126-132
Women & Conflict in Darfur Mohammed Brf 97:479-481
Women in African Parliaments, edited by Gretchen Bauer and Hannah E Britton Connolly Rev 117:527-528
Women in Eritrea: An Eye-Witness Account Cowan Brf 27:143-152
Women in Mozambique: Gender Struggle & Gender Politics Arnfred Art 41:5-16
Women in Nigeria Women in Nigeria Brf 27:138-139
Women in Nigeria and Education Women in Nigeria Brf 31:104-107
Women in Politics & Gender Equity on Policy: SA & Uganda Goetz Art 76:241-262
Women in Tanzania: Analytical Bibliography (Mascarenhas) Bryceson Rev 27:215
Women, Oppression & Liberation Baylies/... Edt 27:3-7
Women ‘Tradition’ & Reconstruction Walker Art 61: 347-358
Women, Work & Ideology in Nigeria Pittin Art 52:38-52
Women's Groups and Women's Subordination: Rural Kenya Feldman Art 27:67-85
Women's Human Rights & the Feminisation of Poverty in South Africa Bentley Art 100:247-261
Women's Lobby & Gender Relations in Zambia Liatto-Katundo Brf 56:79-83
Women's Movement in Eritrea: An Interview Gegreab Brf 27:152-155
Women’s Organisations seeking Gender Justice in the Sudan Abdel Halim Art 121:389-407
Women's Reproductive Health/Population Policy: Tanzania Richey Art 96:273-292
Workers Health in Africa Turshen Art 36:24-29
Workers' Self-Management in Algeria (Hagel) Rev 6:96-109
Workers' Struggle in SA Fine Brf 24:95-99
Workers' Struggle in SA: A Comment Davies/O'Meara Deb 30:109-116
Workers' Struggle - Where Does FOSATU Stand? Foster Brf 24:99-114
World Bank and ‘Adjustment in Africa’ Ponte Art 66:539-558
World Bank and Heavenly Bank in Poverty and Prosperity Hasu Art 110:679-692
World Bank and Nigeria Olinger Brf 13:101-107
World Bank at the African Studies Association Meetings Brf 64:278
World Bank Debt Concession? Hanlon Brf 83:144-145
World Bank: Development, Poverty, Hegenomy, Moore (ed) Thomas Rev 121:467-468
World Bank Ignores Own Advice! Martinez Brf 102:703-704
World Bank in Africa: A Case of Mistaken Identity Hoogvelt/... Deb 54:92-96
World Bank: Some Lessons for South Africa Stoneman Deb 58:87-98
World Bank/Urban Progs in Zimbabwe: Critical Appraisal Ramsamy Art 109:515-523
World Financial Crisis Lawrence Brf 120:283-286
World of Conflict Since 9/11: The CIA Coup in Somalia Prunier Brf 110:749-752
Worlds of Power: Religious Thought & Pol Practice (Ellis/Haar) Green Rev 110:779
Writing a Global Constitution: Report from Cancun Danaher Brf 98:648-650

- Y -

Year of Emergency, A Year of Repression Detainee's Parents Support Ctte Brf 40:96-101
Yemen & Eritrea: Friends Once More? Plaut Brf 78:659-661
Youth Cultures & Festishization of Violence in Nigeria Ifeka Art 110:721-736

- Z -

Zaïre, South Africa: Moving Forward? Allen Edt 72:165-170
Zaïrean Detainee Note 22:41
Zambia: Class Formation & Detente Eriksen Art 9:4-26
Zambia: Class Formation & Detente - A Comment Southall Deb 12:114-119
Zambia: Opening the Gates & Tightening the Belts Hodges Brf 12:87-98
Zambia: Problems for the MMD Kibble Brf 53:104-108
ZANU-PF and the Ghosts of Foreign Funding Moore Brf 103:156-162
Zanzibar Treason Trial Chase Art 6:14-33
Zanzibar's Turbulent Transition Cameron Art 92:313-330
Zimbabwe: A Revolution That Lost Its Way? (Astrow) Moore Rev 34:111-113
Zimbabwe After Independence Nyawo/Rich Brf 18:89-93
Zimbabwe: Drought, Food & Adjustment Sachikonye Brf 53:88-94
Zimbabwe Economic Crisis Review Bracking Rev 114:757-759
Zimbabwe Elections Cliffe Brf 15:124-130
Zimbabwe: liberation nationalism - old and born again Saunders Art 127:123-134
Zimbabwe Out in Cold? Bush Edt 98:535-537
Zimbabwe: Political Constructions of War Veterans Kriger Brf 96:323-328
Zimbabwe: Structural Adjustment, Destitution & Food Insecurity Chattopadhyay Art 84:307-316
Zimbabwe: ‘the Government wants the people to give up hoping’ Kibble Brf 100:364-372
Zimbabwe Today: Hope against Grim Realities Kriger Brf 85:443-450
Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre ZWRCN Brf 56:123-124
Zimbabwean Farm Workers in Northern South Africa Rutherford/Addison Art 114:619-635
Zimbabwean Workers, MDC & 2000 Election Alexander Art 85:385-406
Zimbabwe's Agricultural ‘Success’ Cliffe Art 43:4-25
Zimbabwe's Emerging African Bourgeoisie Munslow Deb 19:63-69
Zimbabwe's Hide and Seek with the IMF Bond Deb 106:609-619
Zimbabwe's land reform: myths & realities Cliffe Rev 128:347-349
Zombies of dev econ: Dambisa Moyo's Dead Aid/fictional African entrepreneurs Moorsom Brf 125:361-372
Zuma Tsunami Southall Art 121:317-333