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Angola: Free & Fair Elections! Smith Brf 55:101-107
Angola, le Tourmant Africain? (Gabriel) Southall Rev 14:107-110
Angola: New Hopes for Civil Society? Kibble/Vines Art 90:537-547
Angola On-line Power Brf 90:650-652
Angola: Peace is Not Yet Fully Won Simon Brf 77:495-503
Angola: Pol of Disorder become Pol of Democ/Dev? Kibble Art 109:525-542
Angola: Reinventing Pasts and Futures Sogge Art 127:85-92
Angola: Rise and Fall of Nito Alves Fauvet Brf 9:88-104
Angola: Thirty Years of Dos Santos Vines/Weimer Brf 120:287-294
Angola to the 1990s: Potential for Recovery (Hodges) Warren Rev 39:113-117
Angolan Women's Congress Holness Brf 27:125-129
Angolans Vote for Peace Brf 118:673-676
Angola's War Economy: Role of Oil/Diamonds (Cilliers) Power Rev 90:656
Another World is Possible Jones/... Edt 111:5-11
Antinomies of Nationalism & Democracy in SA Liberation Fine Deb 45:98-106
Apartheid & the Organised Labour Movement de Clercq Art 14:69-77
Apartheid Reparations and the Contestation of Corporate Power Bond/Sharife Brf 119:115-125
Appeal by GAMMA Note 2:115-116
Appeal for Funds to Bury Maseru Dead Note 24:121
Aquino de Braganca Littlejohn Obit 37:4-5
Arab state and neoliberal globalization: the restructuring of state power in the Middle East Joya Rev 128:352-353
Are there Warlords in Provincial Mozambique? MNR Banditry Darch Art 45:34-50
Armed Struggle and Democracy by Martin Legassick Hill Rev 99:187-188
Arms Deal Scandal Crawford-Browne Art 100:329-342
Arrighi and Africa: Farewell Thoughts Saul Trib 122:644-649
Attati Mpakati Editors Obit 25:65
Autonomy and Intifadah: New Horizons in Western Saharan Nationalism Mundy Art 108:255-267

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Babu Remembered Brf 70:564-565
Back Door to Globalisation? Struc Adj/Glob/Trade W Africa Meagher Art 95:57-75
Back to the Future? Critical Review of ‘Adjustment in Africa’ Sepehri Art 62:559-568
Background to the Massacres in Burundi Loft Brf 43:88-93
Banana Wars in Somalia Brf 64:274-275
Bank Corruption Becomes Site of Struggle in Mozambique Hanlon Art 91:53
Bantustans and Capital Accumulation in SA Legassick/Wolpe Art 7:87-107
Baragwanath Strike Note 36:76-77
Barney Simon & the Theatre of Struggle Burns Brf 91:138
Basil Davidson, 1915-2010 Obit 126:497-500
Basil Davidson from Eritrea Davidson Note 40:119-122
Basil Davidson Receives Amilcar Cabral Medal Cliffe Brf 96:350
Basil Davidson: The Portuguese Revolution & Africa Cliffe Brf 91:117
BAT & the Penetration of Capital into Oyo State Babalola Brf 53:96-101
Beating the Odds: Quest for Justice/SA Asbestos Mining McCulloch Art 103:63-77
Becoming Somaliland (Bradbury) Walls Rev 120:308-310
Behind the Curtain at Botshabelo: Urban Labour Market in SA Cobbett/Nakedi Art 40:32-46
Berg Report: Accelerated Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Williams Rev 27:192-198
Berg Report: Accelerated Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Loxley Rev 27:198-204
Berg Report: Accelerated Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Guyer Rev 27:186-192
Betrayal of the Intellectuals Iye Art 97:363-368
‘Between a Rock & Hard Place’: N Africa Migration Baldwin-Edwards Art 108:311-324
Between Empire & Revolution: Sidney Bunting (Drew) Rathbone Rev 117:526-527
Between Governance/Underdev: Accumulation/‘Catastrophic Corruption’ Szeftel Art 84:287-306
Between Marginalisation & Revitalisation? Trade Unionism in SA Webster/Buhlungu Art 100:229-245
Between Socialism & Neo-Liberalism: Mafia Island, Tanzania Caplan Art 114:679-694
Beyond Bush: Future of Popular Movements & US Africa Policy Martin Art 102:585-597
Beyond Civil Society/Child Soldiers as Citizens in Mozambique Thompson Art 80:190-206
Beyond Developmentalism in Tanzania Sundet Art 59:39-49
Beyond House of Hunger: Democratic Struggle in Zimbabwe 1 Raftpoulos Art 54:59-74
Beyond House of Hunger: Democratic Struggle in Zimbabwe 2 Raftpoulos Art 55:57-66
Beyond Sociology of Development/Sociology & Development Cooper Rev 5:111-115
Beyond the Impasse: New directions in Development Theory Love Rev 63:141-144
Beyond Ujamaa in Tanzania (Hyden) Cooksey Rev 19:100-103
Bibliography Allen Fin 93:637-655
Bilan de la Nouvelle Politique Agricole au Sénégal Duruflé Art 63:73-84
Birth of the Eritrean Reform Movement Plaut Brf 91:119
Bitter Harvest of War: Continuing Social & Humanitarian Dislocation in Angola Simon Art 90:503-520
Black Book of Sudan El Tom/Salih Rev 97:510-511
Black Consciousness Black Consciousness Brf 7:112-117
Black Politics in SA since 1945 (Lodge) Nolutshungu Rev 29:151-153
Blair and Africa: the Africa Commission Plaut Brf 102:704-711
Bonapartism & Kenyatta's Regime in Kenya O'Brien Deb 6:90-95
Book Notes Love Fin 95:171-176