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Walter Rodney Hedlund Obit 15:15-34
Walter Rodney: A Biography & Bibliography Campbell Bib 18:132-137
Wamba is free Note 24:3
War & Famine in Africa Lawrence/... Edt 33:1-5
War and Rural Development in Africa (Swift) Bradbury Rev 74:605-607
War and Society: The Militarisation of SA (Cock/Nathan) Williams Rev 45:208-213
War & Famine in Ethiopia & Eritrea White/Cliffe Brf 84:329-333
War & Forgotten Continent Abrahamsen/Bush Edt 96:181-186
War in Angola: Soviet Dimension Shubin/Tokarev Art 90:607-618
War without End: The Conflict in Northern Uganda Refugee Law Project Brf 99:142-144
Warfare, Endemic Violence & State Collapse in Africa Allen Art 81:367-384
Warlordism in China Roberts Art 45:26-34
Warlords & Militarism in Chad Charlton/May Art 45:12-26
Warlords & Problems of Democracy in Africa Szeftel Edt 45:3-12
WB Demands its Pound of Zimbabwe's Flesh Stoneman Brf 53:94-96
WB in Rural Nigeria Revisited: Agric Sector Review 1987 Williams Art 43:42-67
We remember Apollo L Njonjo Mueller Obit 117:520-521
Well-Oiled Regimes: Oil/Uncertain Transitions in Algeria/Nigeria White/Taylor Art 89:323
West African social movements 'against the high cost of living' Maccatory/... Art 125:345-360
West African Workshop on Women in Aftermath of Civil War Turshen Brf 79:123-131
Western (Private & Public) Support for Renamo & UNITA Nesbitt Brf 43:111-124
Western Sahara: A Moroccan-style Election? Smith de Cherif Brf 58:99-106
Western Sahara: A War Zone Howe Brf 11:84-92
Western Sahara: Anatomy of a Stalemate (Jensen) Mundy Rev 106:662-664
Western Sahara at the Turn of the Millennium Seddon Brf 82:499-503
Western Sahara: British Government to Fish in Illegal Waters War on Want Brf 108:345
Western Sahara: Little Progress Towards the Referendum Seddon Brf 67:103-106
Western Sahara - Point of No Return Seddon Brf 84:338-341
Western Sahara Referendum Sabotaged Seddon Brf 53:101-104
Western Sahara Tug-of-War Seddon Brf 52:109-114
Western Sahara under Polisario control Bhatia Brf 88:291
What Does Rise of China Do for Industrialisation in SSA? Kaplinsky Art 115:7-22
What drives Turkey's involvement in Africa? Ozkan Brf 126:533-540
What Future for Ghana? Bush Brf 19:86-91
What is CEAMO? Brf 84:346-347
What is Future for EU-Africa Agric Trade After CAP Reform? Goodison Art 112:279-295
What is Happening to the Kenyan Peasantry? Ng'ang'a Art 20:7-16
What ‘The Friends of the Peasants’ Are N'yong'o Art 20:17-26
What the Nigerien coup d'etat means to the world Graham IV Brf 126:527-532
What was Mau Mau? Controversy Revisited (Maloba) Ajulu Rev 60:226-228
What Women do in Wartime: Gender/Conflict (Turshen/Twagiramariya) Bujra Rev 80:299-300
What's Left?: SACP After Apartheid Adams Art 72:237-248
When Dignitaries are Not What One Thinks! El Karama Brf 85:462
When Northern Elephants Fight Over GMOs ... Egziabher Brf 98:650-653
When the Troops Go Home: Somalia after the Intervention Prendergast Brf 64:268-272
When Victims Become Killers/Genocide in Rwanda (Mamdani) Van Hoyweghen Rev 89:481-483
Where Did All Land Go? Enclosure/Social Struggle Kivu Van Acker Art 103:79-98
White Plague, Black Labour: TB in SA (Packard) Jochelson Rev 51:120-123
Whither Paradigm? Sub-Saharan Africa (Allen/Williams) Gurnah Rev 32:116-121
Whither Zimbabwe? Crisis & Democratisation Sachikonye Art 91:13
Who Calls the Shots? How Govt-Corporate Collusion/Arms Exports Campaign Against Arms Trade Brf 104:473-474
Who Needs Civil Society? Allen Art 73:329-337
Who? The World Trade Organization Global Exchange Brf 103:163-167
Who wants to be a millionaire? Nigerian youths and the commodification of kidnapping NON: Missing Author Compound Deb 128:277-287
Whose Democracy? Bourgois versus Popular Democracy Beckman Deb 45:84-98
Whose News? Control of the Media in Africa Franklin/Love Edt 78:545-550
Whose State? State & Capitalist Development in Nigerian Beckman Art 23:37-51
Why Eurasians Conquered the World (Diamond) Brown Rev 76:289-296
Why is Nobody Listening? Issue of ‘GMOs’ Brf 79:145-147
Why Struc Adj is Necessary & Why it Doesn't Work Williams Deb 60:214-225
Why? The Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict Brf 77:508-526
Will Angola Finally Publish its Oil Accounts? Global Witness Brf 98:685-686
Win: Militant Approach to Mobilisation of Women Mohammed/Madunagu Brf 37:103-105
Win-win or New Imperialism? Public-Private Partnerships in Mining Dansereau Art 103:47-62
Window on Africa: An Interview with Adotey Bing, Director of the Africa Centre, London Mohan Brf 92:338-345
Winning the War Against Humiliation (Tevoedjre) Wallace Rev 98:687-689
Witchcraft in South Africa (Ashforth; Moore/Sanders; Niehaus) Love Rev 110:781
With the People (Nyagumbo) Munslow Rev 19:105-106
With us or against us? S Africa's Position in ‘War against Terror’ Duncan Deb 113:513-520
Women Against Fundamentalism W A F Brf 52:114-115
Women & Democracy in Algeria Derbal/Hamou Brf 54:106-111
Women and Development in North Western Zambia Crehan Art 27:51-66
Women & Land Resettlement in Zimbabwe Jacobs Art 27:33-50