Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Uganda: Pastoral Conflict & Gender Relations Mkutu Art 116:237-254
Uganda: The Lord's Resistance Army Dunn Brf 99:139-142
Uganda Withdraws Mamdani's Citizenship Brf 33:91-92
Uhuru no Maendeleo/Freedom & Development (Nyerere) Tabari Rev 3:89-96
Ujamaa & Rural Socialism Raikes Art 3:33-52
Ujamaa Villages in Tanzania (von Freyhold) Jones Rev 15:162-164
UK High Court Reopens BAE-Saudi Corruption Investigation Brf 116:341-342
UK-US Proposals for a Zimbabwe Settlement: Whose Benefit? ZIG Brf 9:69-74
UN in Western Sahara: Running into the Sand? Seddon Brf 61:470-471
Uncertain Future of Bilateralism Bracking Art 86:559-575
Uncle Sam is Watching YOU Marks Brf 104:462-464
‘Uncomfortable Collaborations’: Constructions of ‘Poor’ in SA Walsh Art 116:255-270
Under the Old Mim Tree Letekidan Poem 70:565
Under the Tree of Talking: O.Wambu (ed) Powell Rev 121:461-462
Underdev in Kenya: Pol Econ of Neo-colonialism 64-71 (Leys) Lamb Rev 3:84-89
Underdevelopment & the Law of Value: a Critique of Kay Bernstein Art 6:51-64
Underdevelopment in Northern Ghana Plange Art 15:4-14
Understanding African Politics Allen Art 65:301-320
Uneven Zimbabwe: Study of Finance, Dev & Underdev (Bond) Burkett Rev 85:11-11
Unfinished Business: Ethiopia & Eritrea at War (Jacquin-Berdal) Müller Rev 113:599-600
Unfree Labour and its Persistence into the Capitalist Era Currie Rev 45:190-197
Union Power in Nigerian Textile Industry (Andrae/Beckman) Freund Rev 79:151-153
Unionism among Black Workers Brf 7:117-119
United Nations: Security to Responsibility to Protect (R.Thakur) Bergholm Rev 122:662-663
United States: New Scramble for Africa Abramovici Brf 102:685-690
Uniting a Divided City; Gov/Soc Excl in Johannesburg (Beall/Crankshaw/Parnell) Simon Rev 95:171-172
Unity and Struggle (Cabral) Munslow Rev 21:118-119
University Crisis and Reform: Reflection on African Experience Mamdani Art 58:7-20
University of Zambia closed again Note 22:4
Unsteady State: Uganda, Obote and General Amin Saul Art 5:12-38
Update on Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto Turshen Brf 42:81-82
Uranium Goes Critical in Niger: Tuareg Rebellions Threaten Sahelian Conflaration Keenan Art 117:449-466
Urban Digital Divide: A Comparative Analysis of Internet Cafés in Johannesburg Hyde-Clarke Brf 107:150-156
Urban Local Gov't Subjugation in Post-colonial State Lea Deb 15:146-147
Uruguay Round and Agriculture: How Real are the Gains? Walker Art 62:539-558
Uruguay Round: In Whose Interests? Walker Brf 66:564-568
US Aid Policy in Africa: No Room for Democracy Hellinger Brf 55:84-87
US Aid to Africa Smith Brf 102:699-703
US Aid to AIDS in Africa Turshen Brf 55:95-101
US and the War in Angola Minter Art 50:135-144
US: Backing out of Africa Cason Brf 71:147-153
US: Bush Administration Abandons Landmine Ban Human Rights Watch Brf 99:162-163
US Foreign Policy & Destabilisation In Southern Africa Wright Brf 45:159-168
US Hostility to the International Criminal Court Cook Brf 104:464-466
US Imperialism & Southern Africa Cohen Brf 9:82-88
US Military Involvement in Africa Volman Brf 103:187-189
US Policy in the Horn of Africa: ‘Aboulia’ or Proxy Intervention Halliday Art 10:8-32
US Policy Towards S'thn Africa in Framework of Global Empire Biermann Art 17:28-42
US-SACU FTA Working Group Brf 109:609-614
US Silence as Sahara Military Base Gathers Dust Keenan Brf 113:588-590
US Thwarts Justice for Darfur Human Rights Watch Brf 103:195-196
US to Create New Regional Military Command: AFRICOM Volman Brf 114:737-744
US Trade with Africa: African Growth and Opportunity? Thompson Art 101:457-474
USDA Top Officials vs. USDA Data Ray Brf 117:514-516
‘Uses and Abuses’ of Civil Society in Africa Hearn Art 87:43-53
USSR, China and the Horn of Africa Lyons Art 12:5-30

- V -

Variable Dimension Adj in Côte d'Ivoire Mahieu Art 63:9-26
Verdicts on Nigerian 2007 General Election Tar Brf 113:549-555
Versions of Resistance History in SA: ANC Strand in Inkhata Maré Art 83:63-79
Versions of violence: Zimbabwe's domestic violence law Bull Christiansen Art 126:421-436
View from Eritrea: Any Chance of Change Without War? Martell Brf 116:331-335
Vigilantism, Sovereignty & Human Rights in South Africa Buur Art 118:571-584
Violence against Women in Tanzania Brf 56:111-116
Violence in Mozambique: In Whose Interests? Hanlon Brf 86:593-597
Violence (Iyayi) Ogundipe-Leslie Rev 22:108-115
Violence, Market Forces & Militarisation in Niger Delta Ifeka Brf 99:144-150
Violence/Social Order Beyond State: Somalia/Angola Bakonyi/Stuvøy Art 104:359-382
Virtual Reality: Whose Adjustment Campbell/Parfitt Edt 63:3-8
Voices of Protest: Social Movements in Post-apartheid SA Thomas Rev 113:602-605
Volkskapitalisme: Afrikaner Nationalism (O'Meara) Nolutshungu Rev 29:153-155

- W -

Waiting for Oprah & the New US Constituency for Africa Martin Art 75:8-24