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Terror in Sahara: Implications of US Imperialism for North & West Africa Keenan Art 101:475-496
Thabo Mbeki's African Renaissance in a Globalising World Economy Ajulu Art 87:27-42
The Absurd War in Ethiopia and Eritrea Péninou Brf 77:504-508
The Congo: Plunder and Resistance (Renton/Seddon/Zeilig) Trefon Rev 116:347-349
The Global Food Economy - The Battle for the Future of Farming (Weis) Brigaldino Rev 118:689-690
The Intestines of the State: Cameroon Grassfields, N.Argenti Page Rev 121:464-466
The Investigation (Weiss/adapted Beaudrillard) by Urwintore Brittain Rev 114:767-768
The Khat Controversy: Stimulating Debate on Drugs (Andersen et al) Rev 119:139-141
‘The Man Died’ in africa95 Richards Art 68:139-147
The Political Economy of Youth Restiveness in the Niger Delta Arowosegbe Art 122:575-594
The Unsettled Land: State-making and Politics of Land, Zimbabwe 1893-2003, (Alexander) Chimhowu Rev 118:683-684
‘The Workers' Struggle’ : South African Text Revisited Plaut Art 96:305-313
The Zimbabwe Arms Shipment Campaign Larmer Brf 117:486-493
There is no Theory of Petit-Bourgeois Politics Williams Deb 6:84-89
Third Portuguese Empire, 1825-1975 (Clarence-Smith) Pitcher Rev 36:115-116
Third World Network - Africa Brf 115:147
Thomas Hodgin Allen Obit 23:2-4
Thriving on War: Angolan Conflict/Private Business Le Billion Brf 90:629-635
Ties that bind or binds that tie? India/pol econ Kenya McCann Art 126:465-482
Tigray: Famine & National Resistance Bennett Brf 26:94-102
Timber Booms, State Busts: The Political Economy of Liberian Timber Johnston Art 101:441-456
Too Little, Too Late? Allen Edt 83:5-10
Touaregs: Voix solitaires sous l'horizon confisqui (Claudot-Hawad) Oxby Rev 74:603-605
Tourism in Gambia Harrell-Bond/Harrell-Bond Brf 14:78-90
Towards a New Bretton Woods: Alternatives (Holland) Barratt Brown Rev 62:635-637
Towards a People's Democracy: UDF View Morobe Brf 40:81-87
Towards a Political Economy of Liberia Khafre Brf 12:105-113
Towards New Intern'l Econ Division of Labour? (Annerstedt) Cliffe Rev 8:133-134
Towards the Sustainable Peace: The Theory and Practice of Preventive Diplomacy in Africa (Solomon) Cliffe Rev 107:165-166
Toxic Terrorism O'Keefe Brf 42:84-90
TPLF: Reform or Decline? Tadesse/Young Art 97:389-403
TPLF Statement for a Peaceful Solution in Ethiopia TPLF Brf 44:72-73
Trade Trap (Coote); Fixing the Rules (Watson) Speirs Rev 56:126-127
Trade Unions and the ANC in the ‘New’ SA Gall Art 72:203-218
Trade Unions/Social Policy/Class Compromise in Post-apartheid SA Seekings Art 100:299-312
Trading Africa's Future Harrison/Stoneman Edt 112:221-225
Trading Centres & Development in Tanzania Mbonile Art 59:7-20
Trading Down: Africa/Value Chains/Global Econ (Gibbon) Parfitt Rev 112:404-406
Trading Guns for Gold: Pakistani Peacekeepers in Congo Plaut Brf 113:580-588
Trading Partners or Trading Deals? EU & US in Sthn Africa Stoneman/Thompson Art 112:227-245
Traditional Leadership in South Africa's New Democracy Mashele Brf 100:349-354
Transf. of Petty Bourgeoisie/State in Post-Colonial Zaïre Depelchin Art 22:20-41
Transition & Transformation in Africa Franklin/Love Edt 59:3-7
Transition to Democratic Governance in Africa (Mbaku...) Udogu Rev 98:692-694
Transnationalism, Remittances, State and Citizenship Obadare/Adebanwi Art 122:499-517
Trial Justice. International Criminal Court/Lord's Resistance Army James Rev 117:523-524
Tribe & Religion in the Sudan Zain Art 70:523-529
Tribute to A M Babu Burgess/... Obit 69:322-348
Tribute to Amilcar Cabral: Introduction Powell Trib 58:61-63
Tribute to Archie Mafeje Olukoshi/Cliffe Obit 112:395-399
Tribute to Claude Meillassoux Campbell/Schlemmer Brf 103:197-204
Tribute to Dr. Emmanuel Hansen Atim Obit 41:114-116
Tribute to Haroub Othman (1942-2009) Bujra/Cliffe Trib 122:641-643
Tribute to José Negrão Asselle/Hanlon Brf 111:202-203
Tribute to Mahmud Modibbo Tukur Bangura/... Obit 43:136-137
Tribute to Ruth First Cohen/Lawrence Edt 25:1-4
Tribute to Wanjiru Kihoro Brf 111:204-205
Tributes to Carolyn Baylies Cliffe/... Obit 99:165-170
Tributes to Nyerere in the South African Parliament Obit 83:95-97
Tributes to Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem (1961-2009) Zack-Williams/... Trib 122:637-640
Trop, c'est trop! Civil Insurgence in Burkina Faso, 1998-99 Harsch Brf 81:394-406
Tropical Gangsters: Development/Decadence (Klitgaard) Moore Rev 56:127-129
Truth/Justice After Brutal Civil War: Algeria Women Kristianasen Brf 108:346-351
Tuareg Take Up Arms Keenan Brf 108:367-368
Tunnel at the End of the Light Lemarchand Art 93:389-398
Turning Sahel on its Head: ‘Truth’ Behind Headlines Keenan Brf 110:761-769
Twilight on Zambian Copperbelt? Craig Brf 92:364-368
Two Cheers? South African Democracy's First Decade Szeftel Edt 100:193-202
Two Faces of the Black Trade Union Movement in SA Webster Art 39:33-41

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Ubuntu bashing: marketisation of 'African values' in South Africa McDonald Art 124:139-152
Uganda: A Bantustan? Doornbos Deb 69:425-427
Uganda: Lessons for AIDS Control in Africa Schoepf Art 98:553-572