Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Structural Adjustment in Africa (Campbell/Loxley) Elson Rev 50:162-165
Structural Adjustment in Africa: Ghana & Zambia Loxley Art 47:8-27
Structural Adjustment: Why Wasn't Necessary/Why Work Bracking Art 80:207-226
Structural Dependence and Decolonisation in Niger Higgott Art 17:43-58
Struggle for Democracy in a Changed World Chomsky Art 50:12-20
Struggle for Land Bush/Szeftel Edt 84:173-180
Struggle for Resources Bush/Szeftel Edt 51:3-8
Struggle for Spoils Baylies/... Edt 35:1-3
Struggle for the State of Southern Africa Cliffe/Lawrence Edt 5:4-11
Struggle for Workers Control in Tanzania Mihyo Art 4:62-84
Struggle in Angola Brf 5:80-94
Struggle Over Eritrea, 1962-1978 (Erlich) Rees Rev 30:133-135
Struggles Around Commodification of Daily Life in S Africa Naidoo Art 111:57-66
Student-Intelligensia in sub-Saharan Africa: Adjustment, Activism & Transformation Zeilig Art 119:63-78
Student Movement in Nigeria: Antinomies and Transformation Odion-Akhaine Brf 121:427-433
Study of Political Transitions in Africa Osaghae Art 64:183-197
(Sub)imperial South Africa? Reframing the Debate Samson Deb 119:93-103
Successes & Future Prospects of Sanctions Against SA Hanlon Brf 47:84-94
Sudan Baylies Edt 26:1-3
Sudan: A Flawed Peace Process Leading to a Flawed Peace Young Art 103:99-113
Sudan: Between Radical Restructuring/Deconstruction of State Kok Art 70:555-562
Sudan: Coup in Khartoum: Will it Abort the Peace Process? Kaballo Brf 44:75-78
Sudan, Elusive Quest for Peace (Iyob/Khadiagala) Leopold Rev 114:761-762
Sudan: Increasing Denationalisation of National Wealth Sudanese Economist Brf 26:65-69
Sudan: International Responses to War in Nuba Bradbury Art 77:463-474
Sudan: Liberation Movements/Regional Armies/Ethnic Militias/Peace Young Art 97:423-434
Sudan: Not More Diplomacy But Popular National Struggles Young Deb 111:155-164
Sudan Odyssey through State from Ruin to Hope (Lagu) Blackings Rev 111:215-216
Sudan: Oil & War Rone Brf 97:504-510
Sudan: Over Four Years of Fundamentalist Rule Kaballo Brf 58:106-110
Sudan Peace Process: Challenges/Prospects (Adar/Nyout/Maloka) Cliffe Rev 107:166-167
Sudan People's Liberation Movement and Liberation Army Scott Brf 33:69-82
Sudan: Prospects for Peace Justice Africa Brf 97:489-497
Sudan's 2010 elections - victories, boycotts & future of a peace deal Thomas Brf 125:373-380
Sudan's Invisible Citizens African Rights Brf 63:136-137
Sudan's uncivil war: global-historical constitution of political violence Ayers Art 124:153-172
Sudan:The IGADD Peace Process Brf 63:137-138
Sun By Night by Benjamin Kwakwe Power Rev 117:529-530
Supply/Control/Organisation of African Labour in Rhodesia Malaba Art 18:7-28
Surviving Democracy? Allen/... Edt 54:3-10
Surviving in Econ Recession: ‘Game Play’ in Nigerian Factory Oloyede Art 55:44-56
Sustainable Development in Mozambique (Ferraz/Munslow) Harrison Rev 85:10-10
SWAPO: Solidarity with our Sisters Murray-Hudson Brf 27:120-125
Swaziland: Political Crisis, Regional Dilemma Daniel/Vilane Art 35:54-67
Sweden and Third World: Dev Aid & Capital Involvement Hermele Art 23:85-100
Swedish Companies out of SA? Palmberg Brf 23:101-107
Swords into Ploughs: Women Want Global Peace! Ayoub Brf 96:340-341
‘Symbol that Cannot be Substituted’ Role of Nyerere Ishemo Obit 83:85-94
Symbolic Confrontations: Muslims Imagining State (O'Brien) Bujra Rev 110:777

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Tajudeen's Thursday Postcard Abdul-Raheem Brf 104:443-446
Taking Leave of the Twentieth Century Bush/Szeftel Com 65:291-300
Taking on Superpowers/Building a New Nation (Connell) Cliffe/Davidson Rev 98:689-692
Taking on the Chamber: South African NUM in Action Haworth Brf 34:101-104
Taking on Unilever Sadri Brf 39:63-68
Taking Power in Economy: Econ Trans Audit 2004, SA Nicol Rev 103:207-208
Taking Stock of Pastoralist NGOs in Tanzania Cameron Art 87:55-72
Tale of Two Regimes: Imperialism/Military/Class: Ghana Hutchful Art 14:36-55
Tale of two slums: electoral politics in Mathare & Dagoretti Chege Art 20:74-88
Tanu Women: Gender/Culture Tanganyikan 1955-65 (Geiger) Bujra Rev 76:297-298
Tanzania: AIDS Care - Learning from Experience Nnko/... Art 86:547-557
Tanzania and the WB's Urban Shelter Project Campbell Art 42:5-18
Tanzania: Decentralising Power or Spreading Poverty? Pallotti Art 116:221-235
Tanzania: Human Resources Deployment Act 1983 Shaidi Brf 31:82-87
Tanzania Introduces Multi-party System Ngasongwa Brf 54:112-116
Tanzania: Is This a Pro-poor Gender-sensitive Budget? Mbilinyi/Rusimbi Brf 106:628-635
Tanzania: Neo-colonialism and Struggle for National Liberation Nsari Deb 4:109-118
Tanzania Students Protest Politician's Spoils Brf 10:101-105
Tanzanian General Elections on Zanzibar Crawford Brf 88:282
Taxing Development in Tanzania: Why Must Women Pay? Bujra Art 47:44-63
Ten books on China & Africa Bujra Rev 115:167-169
Ten Propositions about Black Economic Empowerment in S Africa Southall Art 111:67-84
Terminology: A Guide Note 1:89-91