Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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South African Communist Party in Post-apartheid Period Thomas Art 111:123-138
South African Destabilization & Health in Mozambique Cliff/Noormahomed Brf 42:76-80
South African farmers in the new scramble for African land Martiniello Brf 123:96-98
South African Foreign Policy towards Zimbabwe under Mbeki McKinley Brf 100:357-364
South African Splinters: from 'elite transition' to 'small-a alliances' Bond Art 127:113-122
South Africans Urge Sanctions Against Israel Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Brf 111:180-182
South Africa's Agenda in 21st Century Global Governance Bond Art 89:415
South Africa's Economic & Social Transformation Harris Deb 57:91-103
South Africa's Post-apartheid Foreign Policy: Reconciliation-Ambiguity? Alden/le Pere Art 100:283-297
Southern Africa Cliffe/Williams Edt 9:1-2
Southern Africa: Imperialism, Racism & Neo-Colonialism Mohan Art 11:31-39
Southern Africa - Liberation Struggle Continues - Introduction Saul Art 127:77-84
Southern Africa's Strategies of Disengaging from SA Mbeki Brf 18:93-98
Southern Sudan: Peace or War Mahdawi Brf 26:89-94
Sovereignty, Democracy & Zimbabwe's Tragedy Bush/Szeftel Edt 91:5
Sovereignty & Democratic Exclusion in New South Africa Buur Art 104:253-268
Soweto Mozambiquan Students Poem 35:95
Soweto & Its Aftermath Mafeje Art 11:17-30
Sowing Seeds of Famine: Pol Econ of Food Deficits in Sudan O'Brien Art 33:23-32
Spanish Action Plan for Africa Alcalde Brf 111:194-198
Special Issue on AIDS Baylies/Bujra Edt 86:483-486
Special Issue on Nigeria Williams Edt 13:1-7
Special Issue on SA Innes/Flegg Edt 11:1-5
Special Issue on South Africa Edt 7:1-3
Spreading American Corporatism: 3rd World Union Education Godfried Brf 39:51-63
Squatter Settlement & Class Relations in Zambia Seymour Brf 3:71-77
Stabilisation Policies & Effects on Child Health in Zimbabwe Davies/Sanders Art 38:3-23
Stain on Medical Ethics Pampiglione Brf 108:343-345
State, Agrarian Change and Crisis of Hegemony in Somalia Samatar Art 43:26-41
State and Capitalism in Kenya Langdon Deb 8:90-98
State and Question of Development in sub-Saharan Africa Cox/Negi Art 123:71-86
State and Revolution in Ethiopia Clapham Art 44:5-17
State, Class and Civil Society in Africa Love/... Edt 107:5-9
State Collapse in Somalia: Second Thoughts Menkhaus Art 97:405-422
State, Conflict and Evolving Politics in the Niger Delta, Nigeria Omeje Art 101:425-440
State, Environment and Peasant Consciousness in Botswana Molutsi Art 42:40-47
State Failure in the Congo: Perceptions and Realities Trefon/... Edt 93:379-388
State Formation & Legitimation Crisis in Senegal Diouf Brf 54:117-125
State in Africa Cohen Edt 5:1-3
State in Africa: Indigenous and Modern Aspects Brf 64:279-284
State Legitimacy and Development in Africa, (Englebert) Mustapha Rev 119:148-149
‘State, Mining & Development in Africa’ Conference Report Moyo Brf 115:144-146
State-NGO Relations in Era of Global'n: Implic's for Agric Puplampu/Tettey Art 84:251-272
State of Ambivalence: Right and Left Options in Ghana Marshall Art 5:49-62
State of Emergency Cliffe Note 5:9-10
State of the Union: Africa in 2001 Brydon/Love Edt 89:319
State of Women's Studies in the Sudan Kamier/... Brf 27:130-137
State, Peasantry & Resettlement in Zimbabwe Alexander Art 61:325-345
State They're in: Agenda for Int Action on Poverty (Lockwood) Wallace Rev 106:669-671
State vs. the Academic Unions in Post-colonial Kenya Mazrui/Mutunga Brf 64:257-262
State Welfare in Egypt Since Adjustment Tadros Art 108:237-254
Stategies of Social Research in Mozambique Eduardo Mondlane Univ Art 25:29-39
Statement by the Central Committee of the TPLF TPLF Brf 35:92-94
Statement by the Sahraoui Red Crescent Red Crescent (Sahraoui) Brf 6:69-70
Statement - Escalating Violent Conflict in Great Lakes Region Brf 77:535-538
Statement of Concern on Women & HIV/AIDS Agenda Brf 86:590-593
Statement on Events in Portugal Frelimo Brf 1:77-80
Statement Response to Nimieri's Dismissal of 44 Judges Brf 26:79-81
States, Markets & Africa's Crisis Bush/Szeftel Com 60:147-156
Strains/Stresses in Zimbabwe Education Interview with Chung Sachikonye Brf 48:76-81
Stranglehold on Africa Loxley/Seddon Edt 62:485-495
Strategic Levers Mittelman Deb 120:280-282
Strategic privatisation: rehabilitating the Mozambican sugar industry Buur/... Art 128:235-256
Strategies for Change: Wome/Politics in Eritrea/SA Connell Art 76:189-206
Struc Adj & Women Zimbabwe/Private Sector Agric Zambia Tickner Rev 80:300-302
Struc Adj in Niger: Implementations/Effects/Political Factors Gervais Art 63:27-42
Struc Adj, State Power/Genocide: World Bank & Rwanda Storey Art 89:365
Struc.Adj.: Implics for Low-income Urban Women in Zimbabwe Kanji/Jazdowska Art 56:11-26
Structural Adj & Labour Subordination in Nigeria/NLC Olukoshi/Aremu Brf 43:99-111
Structural Adjustment & Agricultural Pricing in Mozambique Tickner Art 53:25-42
Structural Adjustment & Social Policy in Mozambique Marshall Art 47:28-43
Structural Adjustment & the Political Question Bangura Art 37:24-37
Structural Adjustment & the Student Movement in Nigeria Shettima Brf 56:83-91