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Response & An Update Walsh Art 116:278-279
Response to Review (Showers) Blaikie Resp 36:111-115
Responses to the Gulf Crisis in the Maghreb Seddon Art 50:70-74
Restructuring Authoritarian State: Democratic Renewal, Benin Allen Art 54:42-58
Restructuring N/S Relations: ACP-EU Dev Co-op in Liberal Intern'l Order Brown Art 85:367-384
Rethinking the Economics of War: Intersect. Need/Creed/Greed Evans Rev 111:208-209
Review Article Markakis Rev 70:581-583
Review Article Love Note 72:297-303
Review Article - famine Bush Rev 38:109-114
Review, Intellectuals and the Left in Africa Cliffe/... Edt 32:1-13
Review of 12 books Note 69:459-466
Review of 13 books Love Note 65:373-378
Review of 5 Books Note 71:157-160
Review of 6 books Note 85:12-12
Review of 8 books Love Note 73:400-403
Review of African Christianity - Its Public Role (Gifford) Hughes Rev 82:532-534
Review of Global Restructuring: Mauritania (Ould-Mey) Seddon Rev 82:534-537
Revisiting Pedagogy of the Oppressed Thomas Art 120:253-269
Revisiting Somalia Samatar/O'Keefe Brf 101:533-536
Revolt and Protest: Student Politics and Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa (Zeilig) Renton Rev 120:302-303
Revolution in Ethiopia: 15 Years on... Markakis Edt 44:1-4
Revolutionary Crisis and Revolutionary Vanguard: EPLF Pool Art 19:33-47
Revolutionary Working Class Party Declared Phiopso Brf 4:99-100
Rhetoric and Reality of Resubordination ( J.Saul) Banjac Rev 122:660-662
Right-Wing Christian Groups CIIR Brf 52:88-93
Rise & Fall of Multi-party Politics in Zambia Baylies/Szeftel Art 54:75-91
Rise and Fall of Peace Expectations in the Sudan Kaballo Brf 43:126
Rise and Fall of the South African Peasantry (Colin Bundy) Williams Rev 15:164-165
Rise of a National Bourgeoisie in Kenya Swainson Art 8:39-55
Rise of Islam & Women of National Islamic Front in Sudan Hale Art 54:27-41
Road to Jouda Ali Art 26:4-14
ROAPE 2003 Conference Fin 93:636
ROAPE & the Radical Africanist: What Next? Leys/Saul Deb 76:265-273
ROAPE Conference Brf 110:772
ROAPE Conference on Popular Struggles in Africa Note 37:105
ROAPE Conference on World Recession and Crisis in Africa Turshen/Lawrence Brf 32:101-105
ROAPE Conference: State, Mining & Development Fin 112:399
ROAPE Index 1974-1985 Turshen Note 35:100-123
ROAPE Review of Books Bush/Szeftel Edt 68:127-128
Role of National Bourgeoisie in National Democratic Revolution Kursany Deb 26:119-123
Role of the Elite in Sudan's Political Evolution (Khalid) Mohammed Rev 56:129-131
Role of Trade Unions in Development: Ghana (Damachi) Waterman Rev 3:100-101
Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars by Douglas H. Johnson Akol Rev 97:523-530
Rooting Transformative Feminist Struggles in Tanzania Kitunga/Mbilinyi Brf 121:433-441
Roots of Counter-Revolution: The MNR Fauvet Brf 29:108-121
Roots of the War on Terrorism/Mamdani Zack-Williams Rev 110:783
Running Guns: Global Black Market in Small Arms (Lumpe) Power Rev 90:655
Running on Empty New Scientist Brf 103:178-179
Rural Class Formation & Ecological Collapse in Botswana Cliffe/Moorsom Art 15:35-52
Rural Cooperation & Renewal of Rural Socialism in Africa Lawrence Art 96:241-248
Rural Development in Tropical Africa (Heyer/Roberts/Williams) Sano Rev 23:112-115
Rural Mozambique Since the Frelimo Party 4th Congress Roesch Brf 41:73-91
Rural-urban Migrants Perceptions of Zim Land Resettlement Potts/Mutambirwa Art 74:549-566
Ruth First Editors Obit 23:1
Ruth First: A Memorial Address Segal Art 25:52-54
Ruth First: A Preliminary Bibliography Williams Bib 25:54-64
Rwanda & the Media: Imagery, War & Refuge Karnik Art 78:611-623
Rwanda: Death, Despair & Defiance African Rights Brf 61:471-473
Rwanda Genocide - 3 French Language Books Hintjens Rev 116:343-347
Rwanda: L'histoire secréte (Ruzibiza) Melvern Rev 113:591-595
Ryszard Kapuscinski Cliffe Brf 111:203-204

- S -

SA at the Crossroads Tambo Brf 40:75-81
SA Econ Research & Training: Post-Aparthied Planning Matlhape Brf 38:103-105
SA: Is Both's Total Strategy a Programme of Reform? CEDIMO Brf 19:91-96
SA Movements Brf 7:108-111
SADC: A Development Community without a Development Policy? Pallotti Art 101:513-531
SADC Bourses Pave Way for Gradual Integration Valy Brf 100:376-377
SADC puts on a new face Brf 87:105-108
Saharan Struggle Polisario Brf 6:65-68
Sahel: Women Power Rules the Economy Newslink Africa Brf 83:125-127
Salim A Salim on the OAU & the African Agenda Bing Art 50:60-69
Sam Geza Detained by Zambians Note 4:13