Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Race, Class Gender and Voice: four terrains of liberalism Saul Art 123:61-70
Radical Africana Allen Bib 1:93-112
Radical Africana 10 and 11 Allen Bib 6:115-128
Radical Africana 12 Allen Bib 7:132-144
Radical Africana 13 Allen Bib 8:135-144
Radical Africana 6 Allen Bib 2:122-137
Radical Africana 7 Allen Bib 3:107-120
Radical Africana 8 Allen Bib 4:124-136
Radical Africana 9 Allen Bib 5:119-141
Radical experiments in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Uganda in the 1980s Dickovick Art 122:519-537
Radicalised State: Zimbabwe's Interrupted Revolution Moyo/Yeros Art 111:103-121
Radicalism, Relevance & the Future of ROAPE Mohan/Campbell Deb 78:643-648
Radicalism, Relevance & the Future of ROAPE Mohan Deb 76:263-264
Ransoming the State: Subaltern Terror, Sierra Leone Kandeh Art 81:349-366
Rape of Sovereignty: OTRAG in Zaïre Kalamiya Art 14:16-35
Re-enter the Dragon: China's New Mission in Africa Hilsum Brf 104:419-425
Re-Living the Second Chimurenga: Zimbabwe (Chung) Raftopoulos Rev 114:759-761
Reaction and Resistance to Neo-liberalism in Zambia Larmer Art 103:29-45
Reading Cabral in 1993 Rudebeck Trib 58:63-71
Realising Democracy & Legitimacy in Sthn Africa (Good) Forje Rev 107:168-169
Reality of Aid 95: Independent Review of International Aid Crawford Rev 67:121-123
Rebellion of the Poor: South Africa's Service Delivery Protests Alexander Art 123:25-40
Rebels/Robbers: Violence in Post-Colonial Angola (Malaquias) Kibble Rev 114:763-764
Rebuilding Future/Revisiting Past? Post-apartheid Afrikaner Pol Davies Brf 112:353-370
Recent Events in Ethiopia EPRP Brf 6:80
Recent Police Killings on Nigerian Campuses Mustapha/Othman Brf 36:73-75
Recent Trends in Foreign Investment/Uneven Dev in Sudan O'Neill Brf 26:60-64
Recent US Arms Transfers to Africa Brf 66:595
Recession and Workers' Struggles in Vehicle Plants, Nigeria Bangura Art 39:4-22
Reconceptualising Issues Around HIV & Breastfeeding Seidel Art 86:501-518
Reconsidering the Power of IFIs: Tanzania & WB, 1978-1985 Holtom Art 106:549-567
Reconstructing the Congo Collins Brf 74:591-600
Reconstructing the Ugandan State and Economy Himbara/Sultan Art 63:85-93
Red Star, Black Gold Alden Brf 104:415-419
Redefining Occupational health for Tanzania Kamuzora Art 36:30-34
Reflections on Ghana's 2000 Election Gadzekpo Brf 88:267
Reflections on Somaliland & Africa's Territorial Order Spears Art 95:89-98
Reform or Re-colonisation? Overhaul of African TV Paterson Art 78:571-583
Reforming the State? Kleptocracy & Political Transition in Kenya Southall Art 79:93-108
Refugees & Hunger in Eastern Sudan Wallace Brf 33:64-68
Regional Cooperation in Southern Africa: SADCC Leys/Tostensen Art 23:52-71
Regional Cooperation in the Horn UNECA/UN Inst. for Peace Brf 59:88-93
Regulating Capital in Accumulation: Negotiating Imperial ‘Frontier’ Bracking Art 95:11-32
Regulating Illicit Trade in Natural Resources/West Africa Aning Art 95:99-107
Regulation/Legitimacy in Mining: Where does Canada Stand? Campbell Art 117:367-385
Reinvent Market from Below ... (note) Note 81:385-386
Reinventing Order in Congo: People/State Failure (Trefon) Bustin Rev 104:479-482
Reinvention of Market from Below/Women Money Changing in Kinshasa de Herdt/Marysse Art 80:239-253
Rejoinder: Collab/Co-opt/Contest in Praxis-based Knowledge Bond Art 116:271-275
Rejoinder: Propagandists, Professors & their ‘Poors’ Desai Art 116:275-277
Relations of Production/Class Struggle/State in inter-war SA Kaplan Deb 15:135-144
Relationship Between the WTO & Regional Integration Arrangements (RIAs) Söderbaum Deb 118:629-633
Relief & Rehabilitation in Complex Emergencies O'Keefe/Kirkby Art 74:567-582
Religion and African Civil Wars (Kastfelt) Wlodarczyk Rev 110:775
Religion, Ideology & Conflict in Africa Love Edt 110:619-634
Remembering Cabral Davidson Trib 58:78-85
Remembrance of Sins Past: Murder of Patrice Lumumba Bustin Art 93:537-560
Rent Boycotts, the State, and Transf. of Urban PE in SA Chaskalson/... Art 40:47-64
Reply to Eddie Webster Cohen Deb 22:101-102
Report on a Refugee Conference Wallace Brf 30:97-100
Report on Kenya SAREAT/International IDEA Democracy Workshop Bracking Brf 85:462-468
Repression Intensifies in Kenya Int'l Solidarity (Kenya) Brf 25:112-117
Repression of Sudanese civil society under the NIF/NCP Ali Art 126:437-450
Reproductive Rights and Wrongs (Hartmann) Turshen Rev 42:109-111
Research & Information Centre on Eritrea Keleman Brf 44:58-60
Research Note on Congo's Nationalist Paradox Englebert Deb 93:591-594
Resettlement & Land Reform in South Africa de Wet Art 61:359-373
Resist AFRICOM Brf 115:153-154
Resistance and Hidden Forms of Consciousness Cohen Art 19:8-22
Resistance & Hidden Forms of Consciousness Webster Deb 22:100-101
Resistance, Resettlement and Reconstruction in Sthn Africa Szeftel/Williams Edt 29:2-12
Resisting (Nuclear) Power? Environ Regulation in S Africa Death Art 109:407-424
Resolvable Conflict? Politics of Land in Namibia (Pankhurst) Potts Rev 75:155-159