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Politics of Silence: Interpreting Stasis in Contemporary Eritrea Reid Art 120:209-221
Politics of 'un-Civil' Society in Egypt Rahman Art 91:21
Politics of Urban Water Reform in Ghana Whitfield Art 109:425-448
Popular Front for the Liberation of 20 Million ECUs Maja-Pearce Brf 57:114-116
Popular Participation Versus People's Power: Ghana Bing Brf 31:91-104
Popular Protest to Military Take-over: Events in Sudan Abdelkarim/... Brf 33:82-89
Population and Development Projects in Africa (Clarke et al) Egero Rev 36:102-104
Portugal & Africa: After the Lisbon Coup Brf 1:70-72
Post-Apartheid Democracy: Rejoinder to Patrick Fitzgerald Glaser Deb 52:66-72
Post-apartheid Economy Makgetla Art 100:263-281
Post-apartheid South Africa's Corporate Expansion into Africa Daniel/... Brf 100:343-348
Post-Colonial State & Forces/Relations of Production Winter Art 9:27-43
Post-Colonial State and its Tanzanian Version von Freyhold Art 8:75-89
Post-election Kenya: land, displacement and ‘durable solutions’ Elhawari Brf 119:130-137
Post-neoliberalism? Harrison Edt 123:1-6
Post-structuralism/Pol Econ in Contemporary Dev. Studies Mohan Art 73:311-328
Post-war Ethiopia Clapham Art 120:181-192
Postmodern Intervention & Human Rights Hoogvelt Deb 106:595-599
Potentiality of ‘Dev States’: Botswana/Uganda (Mbabazi/Taylor) Leftwich Rev 111:213-214
Poverty and Neoliberalism: Persistence and Reproduction (Bush) Sutcliffe Rev 118:677-678
Poverty in the Environment & Development Simon Rev 45:197-205
Poverty in Uganda Byekwaso Deb 126:517-526
Poverty, Petroleum & Policy Intervention Kojucharov Art 113:477-496
Poverty Reduction and the Chronically Rich Harrison Edt 127:1-6
Poverty reduction is not development Rowden Deb 126:503-516
Poverty Reduction or Adjustment by Another Name? Abrahamsen RevArt 99:184-187
Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers: Now Who Calls Shots? Fraser Art 104:317-340
Power and Empowerment: Tale of Two Tanzanian Servants Bujra Deb 56:68-78
Power in the Name of Jesus Marshall Art 52:21-37
Power Without Responsibility: WB & Mozambican Cashew Nuts Hanlon Art 83:29-45
Prayer/Profit/Power: US Religious Right and Foreign Policy Marishane Brf 52:73-86
Present-day Capitalism, the New International Trade Regime & Africa Gibbon Art 91:95
President Thabo Mbeki at the World Economic Forum Brf 87:108-110
Presidential Election In Gabon Tordoff/Young Brf 80:269-277
Pressure on to keep crop seeds patent-free Madava Brf 88:287
Prevent/Eradicate Violence Against Women & Children SADC Newsletter Doc 81:415-416
Price of Adjustment Lawrence/Seddon Edt 47:3-7
Primary Health Care in Zaïre Schoepf Brf 36:54-58
Primary Health Care or Selective Health Strategies Barker/Turshen Deb 36:78-85
Primitive Accum., Enclavity, Rural Margin. & Articulation Bond Art 111:29-37
Primitive Accumulation of Capital in a Neo-Colony: Nigeria Iyayi Art 35:27-39
Print Media in South Africa: Paving the Way for ‘Privatisation’ Mayher/McDonald Art 113:443-460
Prison Privatisation in the African Context Coyle Brf 118:660-665
Prisoners of Freedom: Human Rights & African Poor (Englund) Kampanje Rev 115:170-171
Private Military Companies in US-Africa Policy Aning/... Art 118:613-628
Private Security & Local Politics in Somalia Hansen Art 118:585-598
Privatisation In Africa Young Art 51:50-62
Pro-poor Budgeting & South Africa's ‘Developmental State’ Jacobs Deb 113:505-513
Problems of Theory/Research: Comments on Buch-Hansen... Heald/Hay Deb 34:89-94
Profiles of Courage: Ramogi Achieng' Oneko N'yong'o Brf 113:531-535
Progressive Economists in SA's Decade of Liberation Padayachee Art 77:431-450
Proletarianisation and Class Struggle in Africa (Magubane) Cohen Rev 26:124-126
Proletarianization of Women in Tanzania Bryceson Art 17:4-27
Promoting (Anti-) Social Forestry in Northern Nigeria? Cline-Cole Art 74:515-536
Prospects for a New Lomé Convention Parfitt/Bullock Brf 47:84-94
Prospects for Al Itihad/Islamist Radicalism in Somalia Le Sage Brf 89:472-477
Prospects for Namibian Independence Cliffe Brf 43:125
Prospects for Peace in Western Sahara Seddon Brf 43:125
Prospects for Socialist Transition in Zimbabwe Yates Art 18:68-88
Prospects for Zimbabwe Cliffe/Munslow Edt 18:1-6
Pseudo-Terrorists to Pseudo-Guerillas (concluding part) Nilsson Art 58:34-42
Pseudo-Terrorists to Pseudo-Guerillas: MNR in Mozambique Nilsson Art 57:60-71
Public/Private, Global/Local: Changing Contours of Security Governance Abrahamsen/Williams Edt 118:539-553
Public service provision in a failed state:beyond predation in the DRC Trefon Art 119:9-21
Pursuit of Profit, Technocrats Role & Instability of Nigeria Droucopoulos/Henley Deb 9:60-63

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Quantos Somos? 2nd National Census of Mozambique Harrison Brf 75:124-132
Question of Iraq MERIP Brf 95:165-169
Questioning Pro-poor Responses to the Global Economic Slump Jacobs Brf 122:611-619
Questions about Democracy Szeftel Deb 45:83-84
Qui se Nourrit de la Famine en Afrique? (Comite Info. Sahel) Turshen Rev 6:112-114

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Race & Class AIS Brf 1:81-83