Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Personal Reflections on Guy Mhone Mkandawire Brf 111:199-202
Petro-Insurgency or Criminal Syndicate? Niger Delta Watts Art 114:637-660
Petty Producers & Capitalism LeBrun/Gerry Art 3:20-32
Phil Raikes: an appreciation Gibbon Obit 88:313
Philosophy and an African Culture (Wiredu) Hunt Rev 22:118-124
Pioneers of Development Economics (Jomo,ed.). Origins of Development Economics. (Jomo and Reinert,eds.). Andreasson Rev 118:686-688
Plans For Zimbabwe Aid Package Cliffe/Bracking Deb 119:103-113
Plant Genetic Resources Hold the Future Chivasa Brf 67:109-111
Playing Civil Society Tunes: Nigeria's `Real' Political Inst's Ifeka Brf 89:461-465
Playing Politics with Mobile Phone in Nigeria Obadare Art 107:93-111
Plight of the Agro-pastoral Society of Somalia Mukhtar Art 70:543-553
Pol Econ of Civil Rule and Economic Crisis in Nigeria 1979-84 Forrest Art 35:4-26
Pol Econ of Great Lakes Region in Africa (Marysse/Reyntjens) Van Hoyweghen Rev 113:600-602
Policing in Sierra Leone & Rwanda Baker Art 118:555-570
Policy-driven Inter-ethnic Conflicts in Ethiopia Tache/Oba Art 121:409-426
Polisario and Struggle for W. Sahara: Developments, 1987-89 Seddon Brf 45:132-142
Polish-Soviet Conference on Prospects for African Dev Cliffe/... Note 40:117-119
Political Clash in the Aftermath of 1981 Nigerian General Strike Otobo Brf 25:104-112
‘Political Conditionality’ & Democratisation Baylies Art 65:321-337
Political Consciousness Among African Peasantry in Congo Jewsiewicki Art 19:23-32
Political Contradictions of Algerian Economic Reforms Addi Art 108:207-217
Political Crisis in Kenya: Call for Justice & Peaceful Resolution Kiai Brf 115:140-144
Political Debate and the Struggle for Democracy in Nigeria Ibrahim Art 37:38-48
Political Destabilisation and ‘Blowback’ in Sahel Keenan Brf 102:691-703
Political Ecology of Wildlife Conservation in Africa Jones Art 109:483-495
Political & Economic Effects of Nigerian Shari'a on Southern Niger Kirwin Brf 104:407-415
Political Economies and the Study of Africa: Critical Considerations Williams Art 102:571-583
Political Economy of Angolan Growth: Social & Regional Structure Kyle Art 104:269-293
Political Economy of Danish Aid to Kenya 1988-2003 Kirkby/O'Keefe Brf 103:152-154
Political Economy of Land Reform in South Africa Hall Art 100:213-227
Political Economy of Mauritania: An Introduction Seddon Art 68:197-214
Political Economy of Mauritania: Imperialism/Class Struggle Bennoune Art 12:31-52
Political Economy of Modern SA (Stadler) Southall Rev 40:110-113
Political Economy of Namibia (Eriksen/Moorsom) Simon Rev 38:120-121
Political Economy of Nigeria’s Elections, 1999-2007 Amuwo Art 119:37-61
Political Economy of Race and Class in SA (Magubane) Aidoo Rev 21:114-118
Political Economy of Sacrifice: Kinois & the State Trefon Art 93:481-498
Political Economy of salt in Afar Regional State in NE Ethiopia Feyissa Art 127:7-22
Political Economy of Soil Erosion (Blaikie) Showers Rev 33:113-115
Political Economy of the Green Revolution in Africa Lawrence Art 42:59-75
Political Economy of Tourism in the Gambia Dieke Art 62:611-626
Political Economy of Underdevelopment (Szentes) Nixson Rev 1:84-88
Political Economy of West Arfican Agriculture (Hart) Shenton Rev 27:219-222
Political Graft and Spoils System in Zambia Szeftel Art 24:4-21
Political Identity and Social Change by Jamie Frueh Hill Rev 99:182-184
Political Orientation of Burkina Faso Sankara Art 32:48-55
Political Parties and elections in Sub-Saharan Africa ( Basedau et al eds). Omotola Rev 122:656-657
Political Parties & Ideology in Nigeria Joseph Art 13:78-90
Political Power & Social Class in Neo-Colonial African State Charney Art 38:48-65
Political Programme of Frolinat Brf 21:99-100
Political Thought of Amilcar Cabral Mukandabantu Rev 27:207-213
Political Violence in SA: Rejoinder to Morris/Hindson Ajulu Deb 55:67-71
Political Will, Political Economy & AIDS Industry in Zambia Scott Deb 86:577-582
Politicisation of sexuality & rise of homosexual movements, Cameroon Awondo Art 125:315-328
Politics & Imperialism Cliffe Edt 38:1-2
Politics Basic Needs (Sandbrook)/3rd-wld Proletariat? (Lloyd) Crisp Rev 27:217-219
Politics, Economy, Growth of Private Security in Swaziland Simelane Art 118:599-612
Politics/History/Problems of Humanitarian Assistance in Sudan Middleton/O'Keefe Art 109:543-559
Politics of a Changing Society: Mumias Mulae Art 20:89-107
Politics of Adjustment: Egypt and IMF, 1987-90 Seddon Brf 47:84-94
Politics of agrofuels and mega-land and water deals Fig/NON: Missing Author Compound Art 128:215-234
Politics of Capital Cline-Cole/Harrison Edt 116:179-183
Politics of Changing Partners - New SA Constitution Charney Brf 29:122-131
Politics of Control in Kenya: Understanding the Bureaucratic-executive State, 1952-78 Branch/Cheeseman Art 107:11-31
Politics of Education & Cultural Production Baylies/Bujra Edt 48:3-6
Politics of Famine in Ethiopia Lemma Art 33:44-58
Politics of Famine in the Ogaden Khalif Brf 84:333-337
Politics of Food and Starvation Bush Art 68:169-195
Politics of Literacy and Schooling in Zimbabwe Johnson Brf 48:99-106
Politics of Population Control in Namibia Lindsay Brf 36:58-62
Politics of Private Security in Kenya Abrahamsen/Williams Brf 104:425-431
Politics of Religion in Nigeria: 1987 Crisis in Kaduna Ibrahim Art 45:65-83
Politics of Repatriation: Ethiopian Refugees in Djibouti, 1977-83 Crisp Brf 30:73-82