Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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African Railwaymen: Solidarity & Opposition in Labour (Grillo) Waterman Rev 3:101-104
African Rural Labour/Income Diversification/Livelihood Approaches Bryceson Art 80:171-189
African Scramble? Bush Edt 101:383-384
African Share Contracts in Comparative Perspec (Robertson) Roberts Rev 41:94-96
African Union: Prospects for Regional Peacekeeping after Burundi and Sudan Williams Brf 108:352-357
African Worker (Freund) Webster Rev 45:205-208
Africa's 100 Best Books of 20th Century Rev 91:145
Africa's Choices: After 30 Years of World Bank (Barratt Brown) Seddon Rev 68:216-223
Africa's Economic Renewal under the spell of Globalisation Brigaldino Brf 69:437-442
Africa's Environmental Crisis: Challenging the Orthodoxies Bush Edt 74:503-513
Africa's Food Crisis: What is to be done? Cliffe/Lawrence Edt 43:1-3
Africa’s Future is up to Africans. Really? Zack-Williams/Harrison Edt 121:311-316
Africa's Future: That Sinking Feeling Bush/Mohan Edt 88:149
Africa's Media: Democracy & Politics of Belonging (Nyamnjoh) Smith Rev 106:665-669
Afrocommunism (Ottaway/Ottaway) Munslow Rev 27:216-217
After Soweto First Deb 11:93-100
After Soweto: Another Response Mqotsi Deb 14:97-106
After Soweto; Endgame in SA?; Time of Destiny; Crisis in SA Seekings Rev 40:103-110
After the Drought Came the Locusts Cliffe Brf 42:82-84
After the Rainbow: following footprints of May 2008 xenophobic violence in SA Desai Brf 123:99-106
Aftermath of Ahmadu Bello University Students' Crisis 1986 Mohammed Brf 37:97-103
Against One-dimensional Africa Harrison/Cline-Cole Edt 122:475-478
Against the flow - new power dynamics and upstream mobilisation in the Nile Basin NON: Missing Author Compound/NON: Missing Author Compound Brf 128:317-325
Agendas, Past and Future Bujra/... Edt 102:557-569
AGOA, Lesotho's 'Clothing Miracle' & Politics of Sweatshops Gibbon Brf 96:315-320
Agrarian Capitalism & Hunger Cliffe/Lawrence Edt 15:1-3
Agrarian Policy and Migration in Zimbabwe & Southern Africa Simon Deb 34:82-89
Agrarian Policy/Migrant Labour: Reform/Trans in Zimbabwe? Bush/Cliffe Art 29:77-94
Agrarian Problem: Notes on the Nairobi Discussion Cowan Art 20:57-73
Agrarian Question and Politics in the ‘New’ SA Levin/Weiner Art 57:29-45
Agrarian Question in Tanzania: New Evidence Reconcile Old Debate Mueller Art 127:23-42
Agrarian Vista or Vortext: African Rural Livelihood Policies Bryceson Art 102:617-629
Agricultural Development in Nigeria: Market/Non-Market Forces Mukhtar Art 39:42-50
Agricultural Issues in the Former Homelands of SA: Transkei Porter/Phillips-Howard Art 72:185-202
Agricultural Policies in Mainland Tanzania Coulson Art 10:74-100
Agricultural Projects & Land in Northern Nigeria Wallace Art 17:59-70
Agricultural Strategy without Farmers: Egypt's Countryside in the New Millennium Bush Art 84:235-249
Agriculture & Food Security in the GATT Uruguay Round Watkins Art 50:38-50
Agrofuels from Africa, not for Africa Thompson Brf 117:516-519
Aid Games Thebaud Art 36:43-49
Aid & Influence: Do Donors Help or Hinder? (Browne) Williams Rev 113:596-598
Aid, NGOs and Grassroots Development: N. Burkina Faso Atampugre Art 71:57-73
Aid Under Threat Watkins Art 66:517-523
AIDS as a Crisis in Social Reproduction Bujra Art 102:631-638
AIDS Drugs Cut to ‘Guinea Pigs’ Johnston/Nicoll Brf 73:388-389
Aids in Africa Barker/Turshen Brf 36:51-54
AIDS in Africa: The Social & Policy Impact Miller/Rockwell Rev 42:101-103
Alex La Guma: Twenty Years in Cuban Memories González Brf 106:646-651
Algeria: Elites and Political Change since 1995 ( I. Werenfels) Mundy Rev 122:659-660
Algeria: The Challenge of Modernity (el Kenz) Brandell/Talahite Rev 64:285-286
Algerian Bureaucracy Roberts Art 24:39-54
Alternative Development Policies for Sudan Elnur Brf 82:508-512
Alternatives to Independence (Hintjens) Cohen Rev 68:215-216
America, China and the Scramble for Africa's Oil Klare/Volman Art 108:297-309
Americans & ‘Bad People’ in Sahara-Sahel Keenan Brf 99:130-139
Amilcar Cabral's Thought and Practice: Lessons for 1990s Ishemo Trib 58:71-78
An Arab Spring Dixon Brf 128:309-316
Analysing the Ethiopian Revolution Hiwet Art 30:32-48
Analysis of Development of the Settler State in Liberia David Art 31:57-70
Analysis of Sthn African Region: Issues raised by SA Strategy Davies/O'Meara Art 29:64-76
Anatomy of a Conflict: Afar & Ise Ethiopia Markakis Art 97:445-453
ANC & Black Capitalism in South Africa Southall Art 100:313-328
ANC Change in Leadership: What Really Won it for Zuma? Ceruti Deb 115:107-114
ANC for Sale? Money, Morality & Business in South Africa Southall Art 116:281-299
ANC: From Illegality to the Corridors of Power Jordan Art 100:203-212
ANC's ‘Left Turn’ and South African Sub-imperialism Bond Art 102:599-616
Anglo-Leasing corruption in Kenya: intl/domestic pressures/counter-pressures Bachelard Art 124:187-200
Angola 1980: South African Incursions Munck Brf 18:98-102
Angola: Afro-Stalinism to Petro-Diamond Capitalism (Hodges) Le Billion Rev 90:654
Angola after Savimbi Robson Brf 91:130
Angola: 'Back to Normal' Siddaway Brf 90:641-643
Angola: Enough is Enough! Minter Brf 59:118-121