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Oil as 'curse' of conflict in Africa: peering through smoke and mirrors Obi Art 126:483-498
Oil Boom & Crisis in Contemporary Nigeria Freund Brf 13:91-100
Oil Boom or Bust Ahead for São Tomé and Príncipe? Brigaldino Brf 103:185-187
Oil, land and conflict: the decline of Misseriyya pastoralism Pantuliano Art 123:7-24
Oil, NGOs & Youths: Struggles for Resource Control in Niger Delta Ifeka Brf 87:99-105
Oil Rents/Intern'l Loans/Agrarian Policy in Nigeria 1970-92 Okolie Art 64:199-212
Oil: Shifts in the Balance Western Sahara Campaign Brf 96:339-340
Oil, Sovereignty & Self-Determination: Equatorial Guinea & Western Sahara Campos Art 117:435-447
Oil & War in Angola Frynas/Wood Art 90:587-606
Oiling the Wheels of Imperialism Mohan/Zack-Williams Edt 104:213-214
On Economics & Regional Autonomy Garang Brf 26:82-87
On Peasantry & the ‘Modes of Production’ Debate Boesen Deb 15:154-161
On Segmented & National Labour Markets O'Brien Deb 39:103-111
On Some Statements (Amin) Rubinstein/... Deb 5:103-109
On the Idea of an International Bantustan Love Deb 71:129-131
Ongoing Debate on Zimbabwe's Development Strategy Munslow Deb 18:126-131
Open letter from The Uganda Group for Human Rights Human Rights (Uganda) Brf 7:124-126
Open Letter to His Majesty Mohamed VI Pampiglione Brf 108:341-343
Open Letter to the Nigerian Left (before the coup) Toyo Brf 32:85-89
Opening Political Space in Cameroon: Mbororo Davis Art 64:213-228
Opening Speech to the Inaugural Congress Ramaphosa Brf 35:77-83
Opportunities for Sthn African Women/Kimble Memorial Brf 75:148-149
Organise and Act: Natal Workers Theatre 1983-87 (von Kotze) Sole Rev 48:116-121
Organising Across Borders: Algerian Women's Associations Lloyd Art 82:479-490
Organising the Farmers: Cocoa Politics (Beckman) Hodgkin Rev 8:127-130
Organization of Production: Women's in Upper Volta Conti Art 15:75-92
Oshikuku Roman Catholic Mission Massacre Note 24:122
Outcome of the Ethiopia-Eritrea War of 1988-2000 Plaut Brf 87:125-129
Outline of the Armed Struggle in Zimbabwe Maxey Brf 9:64-68
Outlook for Nigerian Oil: 1985-2000: Four Scenarios Okugu Art 37:11-23
Outsourcing Militaries: DynCorp International McFate Brf 118:645-654
‘Overdeveloped’ Post Colonial State: A Re-evaluation Leys Art 5:39-48

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Pan African Parliament Madziwa Brf 101:543-545
Parameters of Economic Reform in North Africa Pfeifer Art 82:441-454
Parcours Administratif dans un Etat en Faillite (RDC), (Trefon) Englebert Rev 118:680-681
Parliamentary Opposition & Democratic Consolidation in SA Habib/Taylor Deb 79:109-115
Parliamentary Opposition/Democratic Consolidation in SA Habib/Taylor Deb 80:261-267
Party Disintegrations & Re-alignments in Post-apartheid SA Habib/Lubna Nadvi Deb 92:331-338
Party Strategies on the Political Crisis in the Sudan Sudanese Activist Brf 32:79-85
Passing the Buck Lawrence Brf 66:568-571
Past & Present Options for Land Reform in Mozambique O'Laughlin Deb 63:99-106
Pastoral Environment of Northern Senegal Toure Art 42:32-39
Pastoral Nomads and Development: Select Biblio (Oxby) Allen Rev 6:114
Pastoralists and Politicians in Kenya Markakis Brf 80:293-296
Patient Rights Priority over Pharmaceutical Profits McCullum Brf 87:135-137
Patrimonialism & Petro-Diamond Capitalism: War in Angola Power Edt 90:489-502
Patrons and Petits patrons: knowledge/hierarchy in trade in archaeological objects in Baniko, Mali Panella Brf 124:228-238
Peace Agenda 2002 Brf 93:629
Peace & Development in Africa Melber Brf 114:726-730
Peace in Horn of Africa Cliffe Brf 91:125
Peace in the Horn this Year? Cliffe Brf 97:497-504
Peacekeeping and an ‘African High Command’ Zack-Williams Deb 71:131-137
Peacekeeping: The African Dimension Cleaver/May Art 66:485-497
Peasant Fisherman & Capitalists: Development in Senegal de Jonge Art 15:105-123
Peasant Politics: Conflict & Development in Murang'a (Lamb) Buijtenhuijs Rev 2:120-121
Peasant Question in Kenya Bib 20:121-124
Peasant Question in Kenya N'yong'o Edt 20:1-6
Peasant Responses to Crisis in Uganda Nabuguzi Art 56:53-67
Peasant struggles in Mali: from cotton producers' interests to part of power structures Roy Art 125:299-314
Peasants & Bureaucrats Coulson Art 3:53-58
Peasants & Class Alliances Shivji Art 3:10-18
Peasants & Democratic Struggles in Nigeria Beckman Art 41:30-44
Peasants, Capital & the State Beckman Edt 10:1-6
Peasants, Capital & The State Cohen/... Edt 21:1-6
Peasants of the Nuba Mountains Region Kursany Art 26:35-44
Pentecostal Presidency? ‘Theocratic Class’/Muslim ‘Other’ Obadare Art 110:665-678
People/Development/International Finance: Bretton Woods Elson Art 62:511-524
People's Education and ‘Nation Building’ for a New SA Randall Art 58:43-60
People's Mood: Voice of a Guerilla Poet Mzamane Art 18:29-43
People's Republic of Mozambique: Struggle Continues Machel Art 4:14-25
Perestroika, the Soviet Union & the Third World Belikov Art 50:33-37