Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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New Crusaders: Christianity and New Right in SA (Gifford) Linden Rev 52:118-121
New Dawn for Women in Eritrea NUEWmn Brf 30:105-108
New Development Agendas: Change in UK NGOs Wallace Art 71:35-55
New Development Economics (Jomo KS/Fine) Brown Rev 112:407-410
New Directions in the Political Economy of Development Rapley Art 62:495-510
New EU - ACP Economic Partnership Agreements Flint Art 119:79-92
New Euro Challenges Dollar Hegemony/Impact on SADC Madakufamba Brf 79:147-150
New Europe: Consequences for Tanzania Babu Art 50:75-78
New Generation of Heterodox Development Scholars Jacobs Brf 116:335-340
New Hope for Somalia? Building Block Approach Bryden Brf 79:134-140
New Humanitarian Order Mamdani Deb 122:621-629
New Imperialism & Africa in Global Electronic Village Ya'u Art 99:11-29
New Info & Comm Tech Use by Muslim Mourides in Senegal Guèye Art 98:609-625
New Pol Order in DRC: Challenge of `Multinationalism' Tshiyembe Deb 93:581-590
New Politics/Livelihoods: Agrarian Change Zimbabwe Chaumba/... Art 98:585-608
New Saharawi Poetry: Brief Anthology Boicha/el Hasnaoui Ahmed Brf 108:333-335
New Secretary-General for the Francophonie Seddon Brf 75:123-124
New Undeclared Arms Race: America's Agenda for Glob Mil Dom Chossudovky Brf 103:190-194
New Wine in Old Bottles: Tribal Militias and Sudanese State Salih Brf 45:168-174
News & Notes Note 44:89-90
News & Notes Note 41:105-113
‘NGO-isation’ of Kenyan Society: USAID/Health Care Hearn Art 75:89-100
NGOs & Development Industry Powell/Seddon Edt 71:3-10
NGOs, the State & Civil Society Marcussen Art 69:405-423
NGOs Warn Rich Nations Madakufamba Brf 87:122-125
Ngugi and Njeeri Wa Thiong'o Brf 103:196
Niger Delta: 'Petro Violence' and 'Partnership Development' Zalik Art 101:401-424
Nigeria and the Drugs War Klein Art 79:51-73
Nigeria: Buhari Squeezes his Critics Maikwano Brf 33:96-101
Nigeria: Capitalism & the Coup Collins/... Brf 4:95-98
Nigeria: Conflict, Complicity and Confusion Ifeka Brf 83:115-123
Nigeria: Conservation, ‘Traditional’ Knowledge & the Commons Ifeka/Abua Brf 104:436-443
Nigeria: Contested Elections & an Unstable Democracy Tar/Zack-Williams Brf 113:540-548
Nigeria, Crisis Management under Buhari Administration Olukoshi/Abdul-Raheem Brf 34:95-101
Nigeria: Economy and People (Madunagu) Sadri Rev 38:119-120
Nigeria: Economy and Society (Williams) Beckman Rev 10:117-120
Nigeria: Illegal Logging & Forest Women's Resistance Johnson Brf 95:156-162
Nigeria, Oil & the Ogoni Brf 64:244-256
Nigeria: Oil, Debts & Democracy Abdul-Raheem/... Edt 37:6-10
Nigeria: politics and the end of oil Odion-Akhaine Brf 123:89-91
Nigerian Feminist Movement: Lessons from Women in Nigeria, WIN Madunagu Brf 118:666-672
Nigerian General Strike of 1981 Otobo Art 22:65-81
Nigerian Presidential Elections Okoroji Brf 58:123-131
Nigerian Socialists Speak: The People's Manifesto - 3 parts Brf 4:86-95
Nigerian Transition: Third Time Lucky/More of Same? Mustapha Brf 80:277-291
No Democracy, No Development: Reflections on Democ/Dev in Africa Zack-Williams Art 88:213
No Escape from the Laws of World Economics Frank Art 50:21-32
No Factories, No Problems: Logic of Neo-Liberalism in Egypt Mitchell Art 82:455-468
No Peace for Sierra Leone Reno Brf 84:325-329
No Shortcuts to Democracy: Long March towards Modernity Copans Art 50:92-101
No Timber Without Trees: Tropical Forest (Poore) McGregor Rev 51:119-120
No title Com 73:307-310
Noma Award for Publishing in Africa Brf 111:206
North Africa colloquium Zaoual Brf 82:527-528
North Africa in Africa Bush/Seddon Edt 82:435-439
North Africa: Power, Politics and Promise Bush/Keenan Edt 108:175-184
Nose for Money (Nyamnjoh) Evans Rev 111:211-212
Notes on Capital & Peasantry Bernstein Art 10:60-73
Notes on Offensive in Mozambique and Relation to Agric. Marleyn/... Brf 24:114-120
Notes on State & Peasantry: the Tanzanian Case Bernstein Art 21:44-62
Notes on the Workers' Strikes in Mauritius VTM Brf 15:130-134
Numbers Game: Legitimising Apartheid Pickles Brf 38:102-103
Nyerere: A Tribute to a Statesman Ismail Brf 82:516-518

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OAU in Yaounde: Pursuit of Tradition or Doctrinal Renewal Pondi Brf 69:446-447
Obituary: Claude Ake Adekanye Brf 70:563-564
Observations on Theories of Agrarian Change Kayatekin Art 76:207-219
Occupied Western Sahara: Campaign to End Kerr-McGee's Involvement Knight Brf 103:154-156
Of Big Fish & Small Fry: Fishing Industry in Namibia Melber Brf 95:142-149
Offshore Finance in Ghana: why not? Vlcek Deb 127:143-150
Ogaden National Liberation Front: Dilemma of its Struggle Abdullahi Brf 113:587-562
Oil and Injustice in Nigeria: Ken Saro-Wiwa Amnesty International Brf 106:636-637