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Modes of Production & Kenyan Dependency Kitching Art 8:56-74
Mohamed Kadamy Under Arrest Styan Brf 74:600-601
Moi's Flawed Mandate: The Crisis Continues in Kenya Southall Brf 75:101-111
Money Laundering: Nigeria Connection Pallister/... Brf 89:466-467
Monster Searle Poem 22:96-97
Moroccan Autonomy for W Sahara: Decolonisation Conflict? Dismantle Kingdom? Lakhal/... Brf 108:336-341
Morocco & the Western Sahara Seddon Art 38:24-47
Moving the Goal Posts: Pol Econ of International Statistics Hoogvelt/... Deb 62:627-634
Mozam - Health Service/Rev under Fire/Trans to Socialism Wield Rev 36:94-99
Mozambique: An Unsustainable Democracy Harrison Deb 61:429-440
Mozambique before Second Phase of Socialist Development Egero Brf 25:83-91
Mozambique Democracy: Significance of Multi-party Elections Harrison Art 67:19-34
Mozambique Health Holding the Line Cliff/... Art 36:7-23
Mozambique - not then but now Saul Art 127:93-102
Mozambique: panic and rage of poor Hanlon Brf 119:125-130
Mozambique: 'Round Up All the Usual Suspects' Hanlon Brf 98:653-654
Mozambique: Who Calls the Shots (Hanlon) Powell Rev 53:117-119
Mozambique Wins Long Battle over Cashew Nuts & Sugar Hanlon Brf 87:111-112
Mugabe, Mbeki and the Politics of Anti-Imperialism Phimister/Raftopoulos Art 101:385-400
Multinational Corporations Edt 2:1-11
Multinationals in Nigerian Agriculture in the 1980s Oculi Brf 31:87-91
Multinationals, Workers & Parastatals in Tanzania Loxley/Saul Art 2:54-88
Mungiki: ‘Neo-Mau Mau’ & Prospects for Democracy in Kenya Atieno Brf 113:526-531
Murder of Carlos Cardoso: Report & Obituary Brf 86:583-597
Museveni's Other War: Condoms in Uganda Schoepf Brf 100:372-376
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt & Sudan Zahid/Medley Art 110:693-708
Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Puri Brf 82:516-518
My Brother Zizwe Mzamane Poem 22:99
Mythology of Modern Law (Fitzpatrick) Adelman Rev 59:137-139

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Nairobi: World Social Forum Abdul-Raheem Brf 111:177-179
Namibia: A Trust Betrayed - again? Melber Art 127:103-112
Namibia in the Frontline: Decolonisation in SA's Colony Brf 17:71-82
Namibia: Latest Round of Negotiations & Continuing Struggle Morris Brf 9:74-78
Namibia: Placing Present Developments in Perspective de Beers Brf 42:90-100
Namibia Postscript: The Election Results Cliffe Brf 45:157
Namibia Regains Walvis Bay at Last Simon Brf 59:127-129
Namibia: Swapo Wins Two-thirds Majority Simon Brf 63:107-114
Namibian Election Process: Just About ‘Free and Fair’ Bush Brf 45:151-157
Namibian Elections: SWAPO Consolidates its Hold on Power Simon Brf 83:113-115
Namibian Reconstruction and National Reconciliation Balch/Scholten Brf 49:82-93
Namibian Sisters Sister magazine Brf 56:122
Namibia's Independence: What Happened to UNSCR 435? Manning Brf 44:63-72
Nat.Inst.Stud/Res Guinea-Bissau Endangered by War Mendy Brf 78:649-651
National Parks/Biodiversity: Problems w Participatory Forestry Alashi Brf 79:140-144
National Question and Radical Politics in Nigeria Mustapha Art 37:81-96
Nationalism in Africa: Ghana's Presidential Election Amoah Brf 95:149-156
Nationalism, Peasant Politics and Vanguard Front in Eritrea Gebre-Medhin Art 30:48-57
Nationalism, State Formation & Public Sphere: Eritrea 1991-96 Makki Art 70:465-497
Nationalist Politics in Zimbabwe: 1980 Elections and Beyond Cliffe/... Art 18:44-67
Nations & Nationalities in Ethiopia & Eritrea Brf 35:83-85
Nat.Security/Human Rights/Displaced - Luwero Uganda 1983 Crisp Brf 27:164-174
Natural Disasters: Acts of God or Man? (Wijkman/Timberlake) Bush Rev 33:111-113
Ndungu Report: Land and Graft in Kenya Southall Brf 103:142-151
Need for Regional Integration: Challenge for Africa Asante Brf 66:573-577
Needs assessments for Ogaden/Somaliland/Ethiopia (3 bks) Palmer Rev 60:228-233
‘Negotiated Elections’ in South Africa 1994 Szeftel Brf 61:457-470
Negotiating Ethnicity: Identity Politics in Contemporary Kenya Lynch Art 107:49-65
Negotiating New Millennium? Prospects for Conflict Resolution Woodhouse Com 68:129-137
Negotiating the Bauxite Sector Under Narrowing Constraints Campbell Art 51:27-49
Negotiations in Western Sahara: UN's Last Chance? Mundy Brf 114:730-735
Neo-Colonial Manoeuvrings in Zimbabwe Cliffe Brf 6:75-78
Neo-colonialism and Military Rule: Ghana/Zaïre/Liberia Edt 14:1-2
Neo-colonialism/Econ Depend./Pol Change: Cotton in Ivory Cst Campbell Art 2:36-53
Neo-Liberalism & AIDS Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa (O'Manique) Seidel/Tallis Rev 101:549-551
Neoliberalism, Civil Society and Security ( P.Carmody) Parfitt Rev 122:657-659
Nestle Taken to Court Brf 107:161-162
Never be Silent: Publishing/Imperialism in Kenya Branch Rev 116:349-350
New African Choices? Politics of Chinese Engagement Mohan/Power Art 115:23-42
New Agricultural Labour Relations Legislation Ctr Rural Legal Studies Brf 61:448-451
New & Forthcoming Books Africa Book Centre Bib 60:233-239
New Barbarians at Gate: Losing Liberal Peace in Africa Willett Art 106:569-594