Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Locating Community in Peri-urban Angola Robson/Roque Art 90:619-628
Lomé Convention & New International Order Parfitt Brf 22:85-95
Lonrho: Portrait of a Multinational Cliffe Rev 8:130-133
Looting Africa: Economics of Exploitation (Bond) Taylor Rev 111:209-210
Losing Lomé: Impact of Commission Guidelines on ACP Watts Art 75:47-71
Lost Boys of Sudan Meade Brf 92:358-362

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Machinery of External Control Allen Edt 75:5-7
Maghreb Experience: Challenge to Rational Myth of Economics Zaoual Art 82:469-478
Maghreb Online: Internet Resources in North Africa Allen Fin 83:155-163
Mainstreaming the African Environment in Development? Cline-Cole/O'Keefe Edt 109:377-389
Maintaining Corp Dominance after Decolonizat'n: Shell BP/Nigeria Frynas/... Art 85:407-425
Maiurno: Capitalism and Rural Life in Sudan (Duffield) Wallace Rev 26:123-124
Major Powers Setting New Traps for Africa ACORD Brf 101:542-543
Making a Killing: Criminality & Coping in Kivu War Economy Jackson Art 93:517-536
Making a liberal state: 'good governance' in Ghana Williams Art 126:403-420
Making of a Namibian Trade Unionist: Interview with Ulenga Wood Brf 39:86-102
Making of a New Constitution for Zimbabwe Anyaoka Brf 83:99-103
Making of Contemporary Africa: Dev. since 1800 (Freund) Naanen Rev 34:113-115
Making Sense of Character of Change in Ugandan Society Bazaara Deb 66:559-561
Making Sense of Structural Adjustment Bromley Art 65:339-348
Making War/Lots of Money: Pol Econ of Conflict in Angola Malaquias Art 90:521-536
Makonde: Sculpture as Political Commentary Stephen Brf 48:106-115
Malawi After President Banda - Chaos or Freedom? Mpakati Brf 19:96-99
Malawi Socialist League Brf 4:101-102
Mali: People Topple Traore Turrittin Brf 52:97-103
Mali's Student Movement 1991-1996 Smith Art 72:249-263
Manifesto of Ukenya Ukenya Brf 39:75-81
Manoeuvres of War in South Africa Szeftel Deb 51:63-76
Map - Democratic Republic of Congo State Map Fin 93:444
Map - Kivu Fin 93:516
Market Forces Roberts/Williams Edt 34:1-3
Marketing Without and With Marketing Boards: Nigeria Williams Art 34:4-15
Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World's Food System ,(Patel) Thompson Rev 119:143-144
Martin Eve, 1924-1998 Salahi Obit 80:258-260
Marxist Conception of Class: Elaboration in Africa Copans Art 32:25-38
Mauritius: Class Forces & Political Power Seegobin/Collen Brf 8:109-118
Meaning of Health in Africa Baylies Brf 36:62-73
Mechanization (Agric) in East Africa (2 bks) Lawrence Rev 43:132-135
Media & Democracy in Southern Africa Berger Art 78:599-610
Memories of Ruth First in Mozambique Coelho Brf 117:500-507
Mercenaries in SA: Extract from Verdict Brf 6:71-75
Mercenaries in SA: Interview with Professor Lars Rudebeck Brf 6:71-75
Mercenary Business: ‘Executive Outcomes’ Harding Art 71:87-97
Merchant Capital & Neo-Colonialism Cliffe/Levine Edt 6:1-3
Merchant Capital & Underdevelopment in Sierra Leone Zack-Williams Art 25:74-82
Migradollars & Poverty Alleviation Strategy Issues in Congo Sumata Brf 93:619-628
Militarisation and Politics of Gender in SA Cock Art 45:50-65
Militarisation of Namibia's Economy Wood Brf 29:138-143
Military as Revolutionary Vanguard: A Critique Beckman Art 37:50-62
Military Attacks, Drought & Hunger in Mozambique Tickner Brf 33:89-91
Military Bases/Construction Contracts/Hydrocarbons in N Africa Keenan Brf 109:601-608
Military Corruption/Ugandan Politics since late 1990s Tangri/Mwenda Art 98:539-552
Military Regimes: The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia Kandeh Art 69:387-404
Military State and Ethiopia's Path to ‘Socialism’ Markakis Art 21:7-25
Millennium Challenge Account: Marginal Revolution in US Policy? Carbone Brf 101:536-542
Mines/Masters/Migrants: Life in Namibian Compound (Gordon) Williams Rev 15:168-169
Mineworkers in Zambia: Labour and Political Change (Larmer) Lungu Rev 120:305-307
Mining & Mine Labour Edt 12:1-4
Mining in Africa Today - Strategies and Prospects (Yachir) Ericsson Rev 51:116-119
Mining Investment & Community Struggles Owusu-Koranteng Brf 117:467-473
Miracle of Mogadishu Samatar Brf 109:581-587
Mirages of Pastoralist Futures/Aid Policy in Sahel/Pastoral Oxby Art 80:227-237
Misunderstanding African Politics: Corruption/Governance Szeftel Art 76:221-240
MNCs and National Development: MIFERMA & Mauretania Bonte Art 2:89-109
MNCs and the Instability of the Nigerian State Turner Art 5:63-79
MNCs, Taste Transfer, Underdevelopment: Case Study Kenya Langdon Art 2:12-35
Mobilisation Politics in Cape Town 84/85: Personal Account Correspondent Brf 34:104-108
Mobutu & the Class Struggle in Zaïre Muhuni Brf 5:94-98
‘Mobutu’ s Disease’ : Social History of AIDS in Kinshasa Schoepf Art 93:561-573
Modern Slavery/Global Capitalism/Deproletarianisation in W Africa Manzo Art 106:521-534
Modernising Hunger: Famine/Surplus/Farm Policy (Raikes) Cliffe Rev 43:127-128