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Labour Aristocracy? Ghana Jeffries Art 3:59-70
Labour in Kano since the Petroleum Boom Lubeck Art 13:37-46
Labour in Liberia Mayson/Sawyer Art 14:3-15
Labour Movements or Popular Struggles in Africa von Freyhold Art 39:23-32
Labour Perspectives on SA (Thomas) MK Rev 9:111-112
Labour Power & Legal Transformation in Senegal Snyder Art 21:26-43
Labour, Townships and Protest in Witwatersrand (Bozzoli) Williams Rev 15:169-173
Lagos Accord for National Reconciliation in Chad Joffe Brf 21:100-102
Land & Freedom in South Africa Murray/Williams Edt 61:315-324
Land Claims in Namaqualand: the Komaggas Reserve Sharp Art 61:403-414
Land concentration and accumulation after redistributive reform in post-settler Zimbabwe Moyo Art 128:257-276
Land grabbing in Southern Africa: the many faces of the investor rush Hall Art 128:193-214
Land Issue in Eritrea's Reconstruction and Development Rock Art 84:221-234
Land/Labour Migration/Politics in Botswana/Lesotho/Swaziland Leys Rev 12:122-124
Land Law in Lesotho: Politics of the 1979 Land Act (Franklin) Thabane Rev 72:293-295
Land, liberation and compromise in Southern Africa NON: Missing Author Compound Rev 128:345-346
Land/Liberation in Eritrea: Reflecting on work of Lionel Cliffe Tesfai Art 96:249-254
Land/Liberation: SA Movements/Agrarian Ques. 1920s-60s Bundy Art 29:14-29
Land-locked Countries of Africa (Cervenka) Hoskyns Rev 2:121
Land & Politics in Namibia Melber Brf 103:135-142
Land, Power and Class in the Thaba'Nchu District, OFS Murray Art 29:30-48
Land Reform/Changing Social Relations for Farm Workers in Zimbabwe Moyo/... Art 84:181-202
Land Reform in South Africa Cliffe Art 84:273-286
Land Reform in Southern Africa in World-Historical Perspective Bernstein Art 96:203-226
Land Reform Strategy: New Methods of Control Winkler Brf 61:445-448
Land Tenure in Zimbabwe O'Keefe/Moyo Brf 70:579-580
Landmines: Worse Fate Still to Come? Wright Brf 90:649-650
Last Frontier: GATS Barlow Brf 87:112-119
Last Transition? Women and Development in Mozambique Urdang Art 27:8-32
Laurent Désiré Kabila Sando Brf 93:616-619
Law, Rangelands, the Peasantry & Social Class in Kenya Gutto Art 20:41-56
Le Chateau. The Lives of Prisoners in Rwanda (Tertsakian) Coyle Rev 118:678-679
Left and Question of Democratic Transition in Kenya: Reply Ajulu Deb 64:229-245
Left in Nigerian Politics and Struggle for Socialism: 1945-85 Abdul-Raheem/Olukoshi Art 37:64-80
Legacy of a Pariah State: SA's Arms Trade in the 1990s Willett Art 64:151-166
Legal Rights of Namibian Women Gawanas Brf 56:116-122
Legitimacy, Land & Democracy in Niger Lund Art 71:99-112
Leo Igwe: Interview with Nigerian Humanist Bujra Brf 110:740-743
L'esclavage en Afrique precoloniale (Meillassoux) Klein Rev 5:115-117
LESOMA Brf 22:82-85
Lesotho Highlands Corruption Trial: Who has been airbrushed from the dock? Bracking Brf 88:302
Lesotho: Inner to Outer Periphery? Love Brf 67:75-80
L'Etat au Cameroun (Bayart) Copans Rev 22:116-117
Letter from Nairobi Bujra Brf 111:179-180
Letting Yahya Jammeh off Lightly? Wiseman Deb 72:265-269
Levelling the Playing Fields and Embedding Illusions Moore Art 83:11-28
Liberal Democracy & its Critics in Africa (Lumumba-Kasongo) Abrahamsen Rev 110:788
Liberal Democracy vs. Popular Democracy in Southern Africa Saul Art 72:219-236
Liberal Peacebuilding Failing Sierra Leone Castañeda Art 120:235-251
Liberal vs. Popular Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa Saul Art 73:339-353
Liberalisation not enough: Adj & Peasants in Guinea-Bissau Galli Art 49:52-68
Liberalisation of the Gold Mining Sector in Burkina Faso Luning Art 117:387-401
Liberation and Working Class Struggles in SA Hemson Brf 9:78-82
Liberation Ideology/National Dev Strategy Mozambique Meyns Art 22:42-64
Liberation Movements as Governments: Limits to Liberation Melber Deb 121:451-459
Liberation of Civil Society: Neo-Liberal Ideology/Pol Theory Beckman Art 58:20-34
Liberation Struggle and Research Wolpe Deb 32:72-78
Liberation Theology in Nigeria? Odion-Akhaine Brf 110:758-760
Liberia: After Abuja Riley/Sesay Brf 69:429-437
Liberia: Analysis of Post-Taylor Politics Jaye Brf 98:643-648
Liberia: Railroading Peace Tanner Brf 75:133-147
Libya & Chad Brf 21:84-98
Libya: Reforming the Impossible? Pargeter Art 108:219-235
Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics: WB/ECA Structural Adj Parfitt Rev 47:128
Life Looking Forward: Memoirs of Independent Marxist (Amin) Senghor Rev 112:410-411
Life/Times of Babu: Age of Liberation and Revolution Shivji Art 95:109-118
Lifescapes/Governance: Régulo System, Central Mozambique Convery Art 109:449-466
‘Like Worms in Entrails of a Natural Man’: Warlords Vinci Art 112:313-331
Linking the Future to the Past: Ethnicity & Pluralism Doornbos Art 52:53-65
Living in the Shadow of the Large Dams: Ghana's Volta River Project, (Tsikata). Brydon Rev 118:685-686
Lobola: The Pros & Cons Chigwidere Rev 27:214-215
Local violence and international intervention in Sudan Sørbø Art 124:173-186