Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Industrial Strategy & Econ Development in SA: 1990-93 Ismail Deb 59:50-59
Inkatha & Regional Control: Policing Liberation Politics Maré Brf 45:179-190
Innovation in Mali Duval Smith Brf 76:285-287
Inside EPLF: Origins of 'People's Party'/Role in Liberation of Eritrea Connell Art 89:345
Inside Rebellion: Weinstein Cramer Rev 121:462-464
Inside the Review of African Political Economy Editors (some - anon) Brf 32:95-101
Insiders & Outsiders: Citizenship/Xenophobia in (Nyamnjoh) Mathoor Rev 115:171-172
Instant Justice & Flogging to Secure the Peace Legal Correspondent Brf 26:78-79
Integrated Rural Development Cohen Rev 44:79-80
Intellectual Challenge Sokoine Brf 32:92-95
Intellectual/Financial Complex of Foreign Aid Samoff Deb 53:60-75
Internal dynamics, the state, recourse to external aid: Senegal since 1960s Hrabanski Art 125:281-298
International Commercial Rivalries/Zaïrian Copper 1967 Gibbs Art 72:171-184
International Consequences of the Civil War in Chad Joffe Brf 25:91-104
International Criminal Court and African Conflicts: Case of Uganda Souaré Art 121:369-388
International/Local Capital: The Ivory Coast Sugar Industry Tickner Brf 8:119-121
International Relations in the Horn of Africa 1991-96 Tekle Art 70:499-509
Intern'l Partnership Fight AIDS: Address Need/Redress Injustice? Baylies Brf 81:387-394
Interview with Shahenda Maklad Ahmed/Saad Brf 127:159-168
Intransitive Transition de Villers/Tshonda Art 93:399-410
Introduction to Political Economy (Sefali) Cobbe Rev 11:108-110
Introduction to Sankara & Burkina Faso Brittain Art 32:39-47
Investigating NEPAD's Development Assumptions Matthews Art 101:497-511
Invisible Crimes: US Private Intervention in Mozambique War APIC Brf 61:473-474
Ironies of Post-cold War Structural Adjustment in Sierra Leone Reno Art 67:7-18
Is 'Another World' really possible? Re-examining counter-hegemonic forces in SA Art 127:61-76
Isis WICCE Continues to Bring Women Together Ojiambo-Ochieng Brf 83:109-112
Islam in South Africa: A Rejoinder to Nkrumah Esack Deb 53:75-78
Islam in Southern Africa Nkrumah Brf 52:94-97
Islamists/Democratic Opposition/Search for Solution in Algeria Roberts Brf 64:237-244
It is (always) the political economy, stupid! Cline-Cole/Harrison Edt 126:395-402
Italian Colonialism in Eritrea (Negash) Markakis Rev 44:81-83
It's Terminal Either Way: Analysis of Conflict in Liberia, 1989-96 Outram Art 73:355-371

- J -

Jan Burgess – Retirement Note 120:165-165
Japanese Aid & Africa Seddon/Sato Brf 71:153-156
Japanese Aid Strategy Seddon Brf 87:119-121
Japanese Strategy in Africa: The Case of Mozambique Sato Brf 59:105-110
Jitendra Mohan Cliffe/Lawrence Obit 32:14-17
Joe Slovo: Mensch Cobbett Obit 63:95-97
John Garang's Legacy to Peace Process, SPLM/A & South Young Art 106:535-548
Johnny Gomas, Voice of the Working Class (Musson) Drew Rev 55:118-120
Jonas Savimbi, 1934-2002 Brittain Brf 91:128
Journal of African Marxists 1st Colloquium (Ghana, 1986) Brf 38:105-106
Journalism/Armed Conflict: Civil War/Sierra Leone Khan Art 78:585-597
Julius Kambarage Nyerere Editors Obit 81:315-316

- K -

Kandjadja, Guinea-Bissau 1976-86 PE of African Village Rudebeck Art 41:17-29
Karamoja: Colonial Roots of Famine in North-East Uganda Mamdani Art 25:66-73
Karamoja: Is Peace Possible? Närman Brf 95:129-133
Keith McFadden & Zwelakhe Nyanda Obit 29:13
Ken Coates, 1930-2010 Obit 126:501-502
Kenya and the War on Terrorism Kamau Brf 107:133-141
Kenya: Conflict in the ‘Badlands’: The Turbi Massacre in Marsabit District Mwangi Art 107:81-91
Kenya Elections Ajulu Brf 56:98-102
Kenya: One Step Forward, Three Steps Back: Succession Dilemma Ajulu Art 88:197
Kenya Peasantry: a Re-assessment Njonjo Art 20:27-40
Kenya Post-election Prospects Cliffe Brf 96:341-343
Kenya State, Agribusiness and the Peasantry Currie/Ray Brf 38:89-95
Kenya: The Road to Democracy Ajulu Deb 53:79-87
Kenya: the Trial of Koigi wa Wamwere et al. Sullivan Brf 64:262-267
Kenya: What Does ‘Dependency’ Explain? Leys Deb 17:108-113
Kenya's Constitutional Reform Referendum Cliffe Brf 107:141-142
Kenya's Democracy Experiment: 1997 Elections Ajulu Brf 76:275-285
‘Khatt’ and the Realities of Somalis Green Art 79:33-49
Kikuyus Muscle in on Security and Politics Servant Brf 113:521-526
‘King Congo’ Brittain Rev 93:634-635
Knowledge, Culture and Internet: Challenge for Political Economies Powell Deb 88:241

- L -

La société civile et la lutte pour la paix en Angola Beaudet Brf 90:643-649
Labour and Politics in Nigeria 1945-71 (Cohen) Waterman Rev 3:100
Labour and Trade Unionism in West and SA Baylies/Cohen Edt 39:1-3