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HIV/AIDS: Behind the Rhetoric, Whose Interests Served? Seidel Brf 98:664-670
HIV/AIDS in Africa: Global/Local Inequalities/Responsibilities Baylies Art 86:487-500
HIV/AIDS in Africa: Links, Livelihoods and Legacies Love Art 102:639-648
HIV/AIDS in Eastern & Southern Africa Akeroyd Art 60:173-184
Hope & Oil: Expectations in Sao Tome e Principe Weszkalnys Brf 117:473-482
Horn: Agenda for Peace? Burgess/Cliffe Brf 51:93-96
Horn of Africa Khogali Edt 10:7
Horn of Africa Markakis Edt 70:469-474
Horn of Conflict Markakis Edt 97:359-362
Household Units & Historical Process in Southern Malawi Vaughan Art 34:35-45
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa (Rodney) Green Rev 2:117-120
How Long Will SA Survive (Johnson) Malaba Rev 9:105-108
How Ordinary Boy Became Extraordinary Man: Hussein Adam Roble Brf 114:736-737
How Successful is Rwandan PRSP? Ansoms Brf 112:371-379
How the Mining Companies Undermine Liberation Mezger Art 12:53-66
How To Take Away The World Bank's Money Danaher Brf 66:571-573
Human Face of Destabalization: War in Mozambique Cammack Brf 40:65-75
Human Rights Amnesty International Brf 50:160-161
Human Rights Abuses in Sudan Nhial/... Brf 58:110-118
Human Rights and Reform (Waltz) Seddon Rev 67:119-121
Human Rights/Democracy/Donors: First MMD Government in Zambia Bartlett Art 87:83-91
Human Rights/Dev: Moral Intrusion/Empowering Opportunity? Mohan/Holland Art 88:177
Human Rights: Forgotten Agenda in Somalia Prendergast Brf 59:66-71
Human Rights in Egypt Brf 88:279
Human Security in Sudan Brf 83:133-137
Humanitarian & Development Actors as Peacebuilders? Cain Art 90:577-586
Hunger and Public Action (Dreze/Sen) Bush Rev 53:109-115
Hunger & Weapons: The Entropy of Militarisation Shindo Art 33:6-22

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ICT and Education in Africa: Partnership, Practice and Knowledge Sharing Unwin Brf 99:150-160
ICTs,‘Virtual Colonisation’ and Political Economy Cline-Cole/Powell Edt 99:5-9
Ideology and Urban Ecology in SA McDonald Art 75:73-88
Ideology, Class & Development Lawrence Edt 22:1-3
Ill Health Unleashed: Cities & Municipal Service in Ghana Obeng-Odoom Art 127:43-60
Illicit Dumping of Toxic Wastes Breach of Human Rights Madava Brf 88:288
Imagining the Congo (Dunn) Iyenda Rev 101:547-549
Impact of Apartheid on Women's Education in SA Unterhalter Brf 48:66-75
Impact of Pop Growth/Econ Decline on Education in Zambia Musambachime Brf 48:81-92
Impact of Struc Adj on Women's/Children's Health in Tanzania Lugalla Art 63:43-53
Imperial, Neo-Liberal Africa? Zack-Williams/Mohan Edt 113:417-422
Imperialism and African Social Formations Cliffe Edt 103:5-7
Imperialism & Capitalist Transf.: Critique of Kenya Debate Beckman Art 19:48-62
Imperialism and Fascism in Uganda (Mamdani) Crisp Rev 31:108-110
Imperialism and Postcolonialism (Bush) Llyr ap Gareth Rev 115:172-173
Imperialism and Revolution in Uganda (Nabudere) Campbell Rev 22:103-108
Imperialism & Settler Capital: Friends or Foes? Baylies Deb 18:116-126
Imperialism & the ‘National Bourgeoisie’ Beckman Art 22:5-19
Imperialism & the National Struggle in Namibia Innes Art 9:44-59
Imperialism and Underdevelopment in Nigeria (Onimode) Olukoshi Rev 31:110-113
Imperialism & Economic Reform: NEPAD Loxley Deb 95:119-128
Imperialism in Post Cold War Era: Tribute to Ken Saro-Wiwa Obit 66:471-480
Imperialism in the Post-cold War Era Mohan/Zack-Williams Edt 66:481-484
Imperialism & International Governance: Case of US Policy Biel Art 95:77-88
Implementing the HIPC Initiative Commonwealth Secretariat Doc 81:417-419
Improving Access to HIV-related Drugs in South Africa Gray/Smit Brf 86:583-590
In & Against the Market Brown Deb 72:269-276
In Defence of the Angolan Masses Gabriel Deb 19:69-74
In Defence of the MPLA & the Angolan Revolution Fauvet Deb 15:148-152
In Memoriam: Joel W Gregory, 1944-88 Turshen Obit 42:112
In Memoriam: Stephen Riley, 1949-1999 Parfitt Obit 80:255-257
In Search of Economic Development in Kenya Fahnbulleh Art 107:33-47
Inappropriate Products & Techniques: Breakfast Food in Kenya Kaplinsky Brf 14:90-96
Incorporation of Northern Nigeria into World Capitalist Econ Shenton/Freund Art 13:8-20
Index 2004 Fin 102:735-740
Index 2005 Fin 106:621
India's Growing African Strategy Naidu Brf 115:116-128
India's rise to power: where does East Africa fit in? Narlikar Art 126:451-464
Indigenisation & Foreign Capital: Industrialisation in Nigeria Hoogvelt Art 14:56-68
Indigenous Capitalism in Ghana Kennedy Art 8:21-38
Indigenous Sudanese Capital - A National Bourgeoisie? Mahmoud Deb 26:103-119
Industrial Relations in Dev Countries; Case of Nigeria (Ubeku) Arogundade Rev 39:117-112
Industrial Relations Legislation: One of Capital's Defences Davies/Lewis Art 7:56-68