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First Babu Memorial Lecture Amin Brf 77:475-484
First International Sahara Film Festival Laverty Rev 99:175-180
Fishing Coops on Lake Niassa (Socialist or Exploiting Class?) Sketchley Brf 24:85-95
Five Decades of Liberation/Revolution: Life of Comrade A M Babu Cliffe Brf 89:470-471
Food Crisis & Agro-based Tech: Gari in Nigeria Thomas-Emeagwali/Lasisi Brf 43:95-99
Food Crisis & Class Formation in Shaba Schoepf Art 33:33-43
Food Crisis in Ethiopia: Drought or Poor Economic Policies? Piguet Brf 97:485-489
Food Policy & Production in Mozambique since Independence Raikes Art 29:95-107
Footnotes to the Mining Story Kennes Brf 93/94:601-607
'For Fear of Being Condemned as Old Fashioned' Saul Art 73:339-353
Forced Labour/Migration: Patterns of Movement (Zegeye/Ishemo) Roberts Rev 53:115-117
Forced Resettlement & the Political Economy of South Africa Freund Art 29:49-63
Foreign Capital & the Reconstruction of Zimbabwe Stoneman Art 11:62-83
Foreign Powers & Militarism in the Horn of Africa: Part I Luckham/Bekele Art 30:8-20
Foreign Powers & Militarism in the Horn of Africa: Part II Luckham/Bekele Art 31:7-28
Formation & recognition of New States: Somaliland in Contrast to Eritrea Adam Art 59:21-38
Formation of IGADD Brf 59:93-96
Formation of the Agricultural Labour Force in Sudan O'Brien Art 26:15-34
Forthcoming Issues Finally 106:620
Foundation for Women's Health, Research & Development Graham Brf 27/28:139-143
France's African Aid Policy: The End of an Era? Conte Brf 71:139-147
French Connection Baylies/Cliffe Edt 24:1-3
French Militarism in Africa Luckham Art 24:55-84
From 'Growth with Equity' to 'Fast Track' Reform (Zim Land) Sachikonye Art 96:227-240
From Africa to Cuba: Sociedad Secreta Abakuá (Ñañiguismo) Ishemo Art 92:253-272
From 'African Renaissance' to Re-empowering Chiefs Cliffe Brf 100:354-356
From Bagadadji to Abu Hashim: Combatting Female Circumcision Abdel Halim Brf 114:719-725
From Conrad to Kabila: Congo & 'Our' Consciousness (Moore) Rev 82:529-532
'From Demons to Democrats' : Mali's Student Movement 1991-96 Smith Art 72:249-263
From Guns to Mobile Phones: Calling for Change/Sierra Leone Sesay Brf 99:128-130
From Leopold to King Kabila in the Congo Moore Brf 87:130-135
From Liberation to Reconstruction: Life of Harold Wolpe Burawoy Art 102:657-675
From People's Education to NeoLiberalism in South Africa Vally Art 111:39-56
From Popular Protest to Military Take-over Abdelkarim/... Brf 33:82-89
From Pseudo-Terrorists to Pseudo-Guerillas: MNR in Mozambique 1 Nilsson Art 57:60-71
From Pseudo-Terrorists to Pseudo-Guerillas: MNR in Mozambique 2 Nilsson Art 58:34-42
From Thaw to Flood: The end of the Cold War in Southern Africa Saul Art 50:145-158
From War to Peace in Angola: Increasing the Chances of Success Minter Brf 67:111-118
Full Election Calendar for Southern Africa in 2004 Madakufamba Brf 99:163-164
Fundamental Rights: Civil Society & New Constitution in SA Fine Brf 59:129-137
Fundamentalism in Africa: Religion & politics Roberts/Seddon Edt 52:3-8
Funding Fundamentalism: Sudan Jamal Brf 52:103-109
Funding the Ethiopian State: Who Pays Love Art 44:18-26
Further Considerations on the MPLA & Angola Clarence-Smith Deb 19:74-76
Future of Africa's Trade with Europe: 'New' EU Trade Policy Goodison Art 111:139-151
Future of Southern Africa Love Deb 57:86-90
Future of Southern Africa: What Prospects After Majority Rule? Martin Art 50:115-134
Future of the Mediterranean Abdi/... Brf 30:82-92

- G -
Gabon: From Timber to Petroleum Gaulme Brf 51:84-87
Garimpeiro Worlds: Diamonds in Angola De Boeck Art 90:549-562
GATT: A Victory for the North Watkins Brf 59:60-66
Gaullist Legacy: Patterns of French Neo-Colonialism Joseph Art 6:4-13
GE/GM Food Aid Magalasi Brf 95:162-165
Gender & Class in a Nigerian Industrial Setting Pittin Art 31:71-81
Gender & Contract Farming in Kericho, Kenya von Bulow/Sorensen Art 56:38-52
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