Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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Future of Africa's Trade with Europe: ‘New’ EU Trade Policy Goodison Art 111:139-151
Future of Southern Africa Love Deb 57:86-90
Future of Sthn Africa: What Prospects After Majority Rule? Martin Art 50:115-134
Future of the Mediterranean Abdi/... Brf 30:82-92

- G -

Gabon: From Timber to Petroleum Gaulme Brf 51:84-87
Garimpeiro Worlds: Diamonds in Angola De Boeck Art 90:549-562
GATT: A Victory for the North Watkins Brf 59:60-66
Gaullist Legacy: Patterns of French Neo-Colonialism Joseph Art 6:4-13
GE/GM Food Aid Magalasi Brf 95:162-165
Gender & Class in a Nigerian Industrial Setting Pittin Art 31:71-81
Gender & Contract Farming in Kericho, Kenya von Bulow/Sorensen Art 56:38-52
Gender in Sthn Africa: Conceptual/Theoretical Issues (Meena) Brandell/Talahite Rev 64:286-288
Gender of Wealth: Markets and Power in Central Kenya Heyer Art 107:67-80
Gender Profile of Tanzania Bujra Rev 63:139-141
Genetic Eng/Food Insecurity - African Counter-Statement Maathai Brf 77:526-530
Geopolitical Knowledge/Policy Based Lending Mohan Art 62:525-538
Getting to Boiling Point: Turning up the Heat on Water and Sanitation Water Aid Brf 103:179-185
Ghana: Defence Committees & the Class Struggle Yeebo Deb 32:64-72
Ghana: One Decade of the Liberal State (Kwame Boafo Arthur) Ayelazuno Rev 117:524-526
Ghana: Politics, Economics and Society (Ray) Haynes Rev 39:122-126
Ghana under PNDC Rule; Politics of Reform in Ghana Mohan Rev 61:479-480
Ghanaian Election of 2008 Kelly Brf 121:441-459
Ghana's ‘Adjusted’ Democracy Green Brf 66:577-585
Ghana's Drug Economy: Some Preliminary Data Bernstein Art 79:13-32
Global Coalition for Africa: Towards a Broader Dialogue? Harsch Brf 67:67-74
Global Crisis, African Governance and a Sense of Déjà Vu Harrison/Cline-Cole Edt 119:1-7
Global Flows: Terror, Oil & Strategic Philanthropy Barnes Art 104:235-252
Global Integrity Report Brf 115:144
Global Security or Poverty Eradication: EU Dev Assist Gavas Brf 111:186-193
Global Shadows: Africa in Neoliberal World Order (Ferguson) Harrison Rev 110:790
Globalisation & African Responses Szeftel Edt 85:353-356
Globalisation From Below: Concep. Role of Diasporas Mohan/Zack-Williams Art 92:211-236
Globalisation, Neo-Con Policies, & Demo Alternatives/Loxley Odion-Akhaine Rev 112:411-412
Globalised Images of Environmental Security in Africa Obi Art 83:47-62
Globalization & Academic Ethics Ctte Academic Freedom Brf 92:362-364
‘Globalization’ & the Regulation of Africa Bush/Szeftel Edt 76:173-177
Globalization/Emerging Trends in Foreign Policy making (Adar/Ajulu Shubin Rev 92:369-371
Globalizers: IMF, World Bank, their Borrowers ( Woods) Riddell Rev 120:304-305
Gold & Post-Apartheid South Africa Robbins Brf 51:87-93
Gold of Migrant Labour First Art 25:5-21
Good Friends/Partners: ‘New’ Face of China-African Co-operation Power/Mohan Edt 115:5-6
Good Orientalist, Bad Orientalist: Sudan (Warburg) El-Affendi Rev 110:773
Governance & Local Environmental Management in Africa Woodhouse Art 74:537-547
Governance/Institutional Reform & State: Int. Financial Insts/Pol Transition Campbell Art 88:155
Governance of daily life in Africa: ethnographic explorations of public and collective services Weszkalnys Rev 128:350-351
Governing Global Desertification (Johnson/Mayrand/Parquin) Bristow Rev 114:765-767
Granges and The Undermining of Liberia: A Critique Carllson Art 23:72-84
Greed or Need? Genetically Modified Crops PANOS Brf 78:651-652
'Green Revolution' for whom? Women's land in Mozambique Chókwè irrigation scheme Pellizzoli Brf 124:213-220
Guidelines for Contributors Brf 1:69
Guinea-Bissau: Military Fighting Breaks Out Rudebeck Brf 77:484-486
Gulf Crisis: Counting the Costs Seddon Brf 51:77-84
Guns to Mobile Phones: Sierra Leone Sesay Brf 99:128-130

- H -

Happy Ever After in the Marketplace: NGOs & Uncivil Society Stewart Art 71:11-34
Hausa Women on Strike Jackson Art 13:21-36
Havana: Scourge of Neo-liberalism in Africa & Middle East González/Baró Brf 109:577-580
He ‘Carried the Torch that Liberated Africa’ Sthn Africa Res/Doc Cntr Brf 82:518-519
Health & The African Theatre Lihamba Art 36:35-40
Health Issue Turshen/Barker Edt 36:1-6
Health Sector Policy Options for Ind. Namibia (Andersson) Lindsay Rev 36:104-111
Hector Peterson - The Young Martyr Mtshali Poem 22:98
Hidden Economy: Informal/Parallel Trade in NW Uganda Meagher Art 47:64-83
Hidden element in 2010 public sector strike in South Africa Ceruti Brf 127:151-158
High Stakes and Stakeholders. Oil, Conflict and Security in Nigeria (Omeje) Abrahamsen Rev 120:307-308
Higher Education in Africa: the Commission for Africa Furniss Brf 104:446-449
HIPC and the Architecture of Governance Harrison Brf 99:125-128
Historical Dispossession and Crisis of Nation-State in Africa Ishemo Art 65:359-365
Histories of Namibia: Living Through Liberation Struggle (Leys/Brown) Cliffe Rev 107:163-164
History & Identity in Construction of China's Africa Policy Alden/Alves Art 115:43-58
History Making & Present Day Politics (Stolten) Jensen Rev 116:350-352