Alphabetic Listing of Titles of Journal Abstracts
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End of Democracy? Curtailing Political & Civil Rights in Ethiopia Aalen/Tronvoll Art 120:193-207
End of Oil Gambit: Economic Contraction in Africa Littlejohn Deb 127:135-142
Ending Endemic Violence: Limits to Conflict Resolution Allen Edt 81:317-322
Energy - Power to Some People O'Keefe/Soussan Brf 51:107-115
Engendering Management of Water Resources in Sthn Africa Kwaramba Brf 89:478
Engineering Civil Society: ICT in Tanzania Mercer Art 99:49-64
Enter the Dragon? Chinese Oil Comps/Resistance in Niger Delta Obi Art 117:417-434
Entitlements or Empowerment? Famine & Starvation in Africa Watts Art 51:9-26
Environmental Sanitation in Nigeria: Colonial/Contemporary Stock Art 42:19-31
Enyimba Enyi: The Comeback of Igbo Nationalism in Nigeria Omeje Brf 106:628-635
EPLF and its Relations with Democratic Movements in Ethiopia ADULIS Brf 35:85-92
EPLF Second Congress Burgess/Cliffe Brf 38:107
EPLF Statement on the Dergue Proposals for Talks EPLF Brf 44:73-75
Eritrea 2008: Unfinished Business of Liberation Cliffe Brf 116:323-330
Eritrea: A Country in Transition Yohannes Art 57:7-28
Eritrea: Africa's Longest War (Pool) Connell Rev 23:111-112
Eritrea & the Right to Self-Determination ILRLP Art 25:39-52
Eritrea & Yemen: Control of the Shipping Lanes Plaut Brf 67:106-109
Eritrea: Birth of A Nation Brf 57:110-114
Eritrea: Constitutional Forum Yohannes Brf 70:570-573
Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Arbitration White Brf 92:345-356
Eritrea in Crisis Brf 89:477
Eritrea: Intervention & Self-Reliance EPLF Brf 10:105-114
Eritrea Opposition Moves Towards Unity Plaut Brf 106:638-643
Eritrea: Starting from Scratch Connell Brf 66:587-592
Eritrea: The Transitional Period Markakis Brf 58:131-134
Eritrea: Transition to Dictatorship, 1991-2003 Hedru Art 97:435-444
Eritrean Journey/Fighting the Famine Wallace Rev 35:96-97
Eritrean Poem Poem 70:565-566
Eritrean Refugees in Sudan Woldegabriel Brf 67:87-92
Eritrean Struggle 1941-93 (Iyob) Markakis Rev 73:399-400
Eritrea's National Charter Markakis Brf 63:126-129
Erratum Note 64:289-290
Essays in Southern African Labour History (Webster) Williams Rev 15:165-168
Etatization and the Logic of Diminished Reproduction Dutkiewicz/Shenton Deb 37:108-115
Ethiopia: An Heretical Revolution? (Lefort) Keleman Rev 30:124-133
Ethiopia and Eritrea: Federal Experience (Negash) Markakis Rev 75:153-155
Ethiopia book review (Pausewang, James, Zewde) Vaughan Rev 97:514-517
Ethiopia Elects a Constituent Assembly Berhanu Brf 63:129-135
Ethiopia Elects a New Parliament Rock Brf 67:92-102
Ethiopia/Eritrea Conflict Brf 77:503-504
Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict & the Search for Peace Lyons Art 120:167-180
Ethiopia-Eritrea War Lata Art 97:369-388
Ethiopia: From Autocracy to Revolution (Hiwet) Markakis Rev 4:122-123
Ethiopia: Political Contradictions in Agric Development (Stahl) Zewde Rev 3:105-106
Ethiopia: Reforming Land Tenure Crewett/Korf Art 116:203-220
Ethiopian Coffee Filiere & its Institutions: cui bono? Love Art 88:225
Ethiopian Election of 2005: A Bombshell & Turning Point? Samatar Brf 104:466-473
Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia, US Warlordism & AU Shame Samatar Deb 111:153-154
Ethiopian Military in Disarray Woldemichael Brf 44:60-63
Ethiopian Military State and Soviet-US Involvement in Horn Petras/Morley Art 30:21-31
Ethiopian Revolution (Halliday/Molyneux) Kimble/Markakis Rev 25:118-127
Ethiopian's Arrest Bahru Zewde & Eshetu Chole Note 6:3
Ethiopia's Oromo Liberation Front Plaut Brf 109:587-593
Ethiopia's Plans for the Kalub Gas Project Unfair Khalif Brf 83:129-132
Ethnic ‘Nationalities’ , God & State: Whither Federal Rep of Nigeria? Ifeka Brf 85:450-459
Ethnicity & Democratization in South Africa Szeftel Art 60:185-199
Ethnicity & Power in Ethiopia Young Art 70:531-542
Ethnicity, Society & Conflict in Natal Maré/Wright Brf 59:121-127
Ethnocide - Discourse & Perceptions Stephen Art 65:367-371
EU & Structural Adjustment: Case of Lomé & Zimbabwe Brown Art 79:75-91
EU Support to Family Farming: Swazi Sugar-Sector Reform Goodison Brf 109:608-609
EU Trade Policy & Future of Trade Relationship with EU Goodison Art 112:247-266
Europe: Partner or Exploiter of Africa? G-90 & ACP Goodison/Stoneman Brf 102:725-734
European Aid or Trade for South African Development? Seddon Brf 66:585-587
European Commission Considers Gender and Security Turshen Brf 108:358-367
European Union Aid Scandal Brf 79:145
European Union Commission Policy in the DRC Kobia Art 93:431-443
European Union & Commodity Debate: From Trade to Aid Orbie Art 112:297-311
European Union in the IGAD-Subregion: Insights from Sudan and Somalia Gibert Brf 107:142-150
European Union: New Start or Old Spin? Goodison Brf 103:167-176
Evaluating Privatisation in Zambia: Tale of Two Processes Craig Art 85:357-366