Editorial from ROAPE Volume 36 Number 121
Africa’s Future is up to Africans. Really?

Africa’s Future is up to Africans. Really?
Vol.36 No.121 (September 2009), pp311-316
The production of this issue coincided with the first visit to Africa by Barack Obama as President of the USA. Speaking in Ghana, Obama emphasised the role that African actors have to play in shaping their future, stressing the importance of Africa in the world and the need for but also the possibility of peace, health, democracy and good governance. Whilst the positive emphasis is welcome and the calls for good governance uncontroversial the editorial would have welcomed some recognition of the role of the USA, amongst others, in undermining post independence governance during the cold war, in imposing the economic vandalism of structural adjustment and of continuing to limit the value of African exports through inequitable tariff barriers.