Briefing from ROAPE Volume 35 Number 117
Africa: International Food Price Rises & Volatility

Africa: International Food Price Rises and Volatility
Vol.35 No.117 (September 2008), pp508-514
As often happens to Africa, external factors have crucial implications for the lives of many Africans. This is particularly the case with the steep rises in international food prices in the last two years, and the particularly abrupt spike in international prices of a number of basic foodstuffs that has taken place since February/March 2008. The volatility in these prices has also left many people uncertain as to how best to react. The circumstances are changing from day to day, and vary substantially between different economies. Some observers considered that these prices had peaked in late May, but they continued to grow in early June, and the likelihood remains that they will stay high, but also stay volatile, leaving many operators in the food supply chains uncertain.