Briefing from ROAPE Volume 35 Number 115

Vol.35 No.115 (March 2008), pp153-154
Resist AFRICOM is a project supported by The Hip Hop Caucus, Africa Faith and Justice Network, Foreign Policy in Focus, Africa Action, TransAfrica Forum, and many other concerned organisations and individuals: To effectively oppose AFRICOM, we need a critical mass of people to stand up and say ‘no’.'We need members of Congress to recognize that their constituents are paying attention to how US policy affects the people of Africa. We need more than a few voices in Washington, more than an article in a California newspaper, more than a frown of disappointment in Indiana. We need a nation-wide campaign. To do that, we constructed a website that will educate the general public and provide opportunities for citizen engagement. Finally, we have a central location for advocacy against AFRICOM. At you can learn more about the command and why we oppose it, you can read updated news articles, and most importantly, you can sign up for a call-in-day to Congress on 12 March. We will be making calls to several members of Congress in the House and Senate to oppose AFRICOM and we need your help to make this day a success.