Briefing from ROAPE Volume 35 Number 115
Political Crisis in Kenya: Call for Justice & Peaceful Resolution

The Political Crisis in Kenya: A Call for Justice and Peaceful Resolution
Vol.35 No.115 (March 2008), pp140-144
Maina Kiai makes an impassioned plea for seriousness and commitment from all actors in the pursuit for a resolution to Kenya's political crisis. Kenya is at a crossroads that will mean either the complete disintegration of Kenya or the beginning of a new, more democratic, sustainable nation suited to the needs and aspirations of the Kenyan people in the 21st century. In a deeply painful and costly manner - in terms of lives lost and destruction wrought - the crisis in Kenya has given the country a unique opportunity to move forward in a way that we have been advocating for the last 20 years. In a sense, Kenya is at its ‘civil war’ moment that the US was at in 1861. Just as that war was pivotal in establishing and solidifying the democratic credentials of the US, this moment could lead Kenya to much greater heights if properly handled both domestically and internationally.