Briefing from ROAPE Volume 34 Number 113
US Silence as Sahara Military Base Gathers Dust

US Silence as Sahara Military Base Gathers Dust
Vol.34 No.113 (Sept 2007), pp588-590
After almost four years of raucous propaganda and disinformation from Washington on its fabricated ‘War on Terror’ in the Sahara, the last five months have been characterised by a stony silence. This is for two reasons. One is that the widespread anger and political instability generated by the US intervention in the Sahel, notably Niger and Mali, has led finally, and as predicted, to an expanding regional conflagration. At the time of writing Tuareg rebellions in both Niger and Mali are escalating across northern Niger and NE Mali. This is immensely embarrassing for Washington. Firstly, since 2003, Washington has been very busy marking this region up (see EUCOM's maps of Africa) as an Islamist (Salafiste) ‘Terror Zone’. Countless US-inspired media articles have described this specific region (The Niger-Mali-Algeria border zones) as the locale of ‘Al-Qaeda terrorist bases lurking deep in the Sahara desert’ etc etc. And yet the region is now entirely immersed in a rebellion, reminiscent of anti-colonial days, without a single Islamist in sight.