Debate from ROAPE Volume 34 Number 113
Emerging Spaces for Debating Africa & the Global South

Emerging Spaces for Debating Africa & the Global South
Vol.34 No.113 (Sept 2007), pp497-505
As reported in recent issues of this journal (ROAPE 110 and 111), there has been phenomenal blossoming of scholarly and policy focus on Africa and other marginalised regions of the world. In intellectual circles, this has ‘spread beyond the normal confines of ‘Africanist’ publications with a substantial amount of comment and analysis reaching more generalist readership’. In this article, we note that while some events - in particular, those that seek to portray the West as ‘benevolent’ - are grandiosely publicised (eg G8 Summits, theLive8 ‘Make Poverty History’ concert and so on), others are relatively less publicised - for instance, anti-globalisation events such the World Social Forum - understandably because they seek to challenge predominant modes of thinking and ideology. Our focus is on the latter which we note is conquering greater public and intellectual imaginations. We argue that these novel spaces are now drawing attention to fundamental issues that are less recognised, indeed avoided, in mainstream spaces.