Briefing from ROAPE Volume 34 Number 112
40 Years is Enough!

40 Years is Enough!
Vol.34 No.112 (June 2007), pp393-394
In the last issue of ROAPE (No. 111, March 2007), we published a briefing - ‘South Africans Urge Sanctions Against Israel’ - announcing that COSATU, representing 1.8 million workers, was calling on the South African government to recall the Ambassador to Israel and to implement sanctions against Israel. The momentum is continuing as Salim Vally writes from South Africa: ‘a few supermarket unions here have started a process toward the non-handling of produce from Israel ... they will be part of a massive campaign to coincide with the global call on 9-10 June issued by the following statement from the International Coordination Network on Palestine and the World Social Forum in Nairobi’ (January 2007).