Debate from ROAPE Volume 34 Number 111
Sudan: Not More Diplomacy But Popular National Struggles

Sudan: Not More Diplomacy But Popular National Struggles
Vol.34 No.111 (March 2007), pp155-164
Foreign diplomats have given Sudan the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 9 January 2005 (CPA), an agreement that is not comprehensive, sanctions majority power to an Islamist minority government in Khartoum, divides and weakens the opposition, and is currently in a state of crisis. The diplomats then went on to try their hand in Darfur, giving the country another agreement - the Darfur Peace Agreement of 5 May 2006 (DPA) - that is claimed to be comprehensive but is nothing of the sort, again strengthens and legitimises the regime in Khartoum, weakens the opposition, and was in a state of collapse within days of it being signed. Following the script laid down by the CPA, Eritrean diplomats oversaw a peace agreement between the government and the Eastern Front (the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement of 14 October 2006) that suffers the same flaws. Against this record of failure can anyone have faith in the foreign diplomats? The only hope for a peaceful, democratic, just and united Sudan lies in the popular struggles of the Sudanese and to make clear to the diplomats and their allies that the best contribution they can make to Sudan is to pack their bags and leave.