Article from ROAPE Volume 33 Number 109
Africa: The Struggle, Intellectual & Political, Continues ...

Africa: The Struggle, Intellectual and Political, Continues ...
Vol.33 No.109 (Sept 2006), pp561-576
This essay integrates several ‘working papers’ written for the purpose of encouraging the ongoing intellectual and activist undertakings of committed scholars and practitioners in both the ‘South’ and the ‘North’ and they may serve here to focus our attention on a number of crucial development-related themes, especially as regards the African reality. This latter empirical focus is chosen because the chief ground of my own developmentalist praxis has been Africa, but also because these papers were originally prepared for a Workshop at York University in Canada on the theme, ‘Africa: The Next Liberation Struggle: Socialism, Democracy, Activism’. Nonetheless, they were designed not merely to promote further discussion of the African case there, but also to draw from participants more general reflections and debate and to encourage a level of understanding and action better able to comprehend the realities of the contemporary world and to support the actions of the marginalised and exploited everywhere.