Editorial from ROAPE Volume 32 Number 106
Africa From SAPS to PRSP

Africa From SAPS to PRSP: Plus Ca Change Plus C'est la Meme Chose
Vol.32 No.106 (Dec 2005), pp501-503
We write this editorial as news is breaking that the people of Latin America are standing up to Big Brother to the North at the 34-country Summit of the Americas. The BBC pointed to the discomfiture of George Bush with what The Economist described as ‘a rally against ‘imperialism’, by which is meant him personally, the Iraq war and the Free Trade Area of the Americas which he espouses’. Contributors to the meeting included Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader, who called for the death of NAFTA, the Argentinean football maestro Diego Maradona who criticised Bush's war record, while the Argentinean leader Néstor Kirchner accused the ‘Washington consensus’ for his country's woes.