Briefing from ROAPE Volume 30 Number 97
Peace in the Horn this Year?

Peace in the Horn this Year?
Vol.30 No.97 (September 2003), pp497-504
Just over a year ago a Briefing in ROAPE 91 drew attention to a possible 'critical watershed in the Horn of Africa (marked by) a set of separate but related initiatives (which) has the potential for moving the log jam which has impeded peace prospects in the region'. Three key areas that were all simultaneously reaching critical moments 'with the potential to help resolve major belligerent situations or plunge them deeper into war' were identified: &break;- The international Mediation Commission on the Eritrean-Ethiopian border which made public its findings in May 2002; &break;-A reconciliation conference bringing together all major factions in Somalia started in Kenya in April 2002; &break;-In Sudan, several peace initiatives were coming together into one main, hopefully final, push.