Briefing from ROAPE Volume 30 Number 97
Sudan: Prospects for Peace

Sudan: Prospects for Peace
Vol.30 No.97 (September 2003), pp489-497
As President Omer al Bashir celebrates fourteen years in power, and Dr John Garang marks twenty years since the release of the (first) Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) Manifesto, mediators and external actors hope that a full peace agreement can be reached on 14 August or thereabouts, following final rounds of talks in Kenya. They are banking on a Draft Framework Agreement, put together by the IGAD Secretariat with the full involvement and support of the US, Britain, Norway and other key international backers, which can be finalised after the forthcoming talks in July. The chances of success in this enterprise are relatively good: a Framework Agreement for Peace in Sudan may well be signed in August or early September.