Briefing from ROAPE Volume 30 Number 95
Africa: New Gulf Oil States

Africa: The New Gulf Oil States
Vol.30 No.95 (March 2003), pp139-142
The United States used to attach little importance to Africa, but now it is reviewing its oil sources strategy and sub-Saharan Africa, with its good quality reserves, could account for 25% of all US crude oil imports by 2015. &break; While the United States marshals its forces to attack Iraq, it is also engaged in an equally strategic battle several thousand kilometres away. This calm offensive, as the Nigerian daily The Vanguard 1 calls it, targets oil reserves south of the Sahara and is designed 'partly to avoid antagonising its Middle Eastern allies and partly to avoid generating a perception that it cares only about Africa's resources'.2 According to Walter Kan-steiner, US Under-Secretary of State for African affairs, African oil 'has become a national strategic interest'.3 Ed Royce, the influential Republican senator for California and chairman of the Congress African sub-committee, maintains