Finally from ROAPE Volume 29 Number 91
ACAS Bulletin: It's About Oil!

ACAS Bulletin: It's About Oil!
Vol.29 No.91 (March 2002), p151
Document reprinted with the permission of our ACAS colleagues in the US (see their web site at ACAS has chosen to address the role of western oil companies in Africa in order to see if activists running campaigns in the US, Africa and Europe could together develop a more robust position on oil, development, human rights and the environment. Our aim is to share analyses, strategies and tactics and to help other groups make oil a focus of their work in these four years of the US oil presidency. This issue of the Bulletin will, we hope, open a vigorous debate about oil and energy alternatives, about extractive industries and development, as well as about globalization and the looting of Africa's other resources, including biodiversity.