Briefing from ROAPE Volume 24 Number 73
Civil Society & Return of Military in Sierra Leonean Politics

Kamajors, ‘Sobel’ and the Militariat: Civil Society and the Return of the Military in Sierra Leonean Politics
Vol.24 No.73 (September 1997), pp373-380
Democracy of Peace The coup d'etat of 25 May 1997 came as a surprise to most observers of the political scene in Sierra Leone. For many it was a major blow struck at the heart of a nascent democracy, one which the international community should not tolerate. The coup has been condemned by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the Commonwealth and the United Nations. Within Sierra Leone, the junta has encountered opposition from the ECOMOG forces and those of the ethnic Kamajors (of whom more later), and passive resistance from the public as school. shops and offices remained closed two months after the coup. Thousands of Sierra Leoneans Give fled to neighbouring countries.