Debate from ROAPE Volume 24 Number 71
Peacekeeping and an ‘African High Command’

Peacekeeping and an ‘African High Command’ : Plus Ca Change, C'Est La Meme Chose
Vol.24 No.71 (March 1997), pp131-137
In September 1996, in the midst of both the US Presidential elections and the Zaïrean-Rwanda crisis, it was announced that President Clinton had approved what The Guardian called an ‘African "Crisis Army"’ (The Guardian, 30 September 1996). Clinton's all-African army would be 10,000 strong, trained and equipped by the United States and her West European allies, with the former accounting for 50% of the cost of the force, and the Western allies the rest. According to The Guardian, the African Crisis Response Force (ACRF) would be dispatched to ‘countries where insurrection, civil war or campaigns of genocide threaten mass civilian casualties’ .