Briefing from ROAPE Volume 23 Number 70
Central Africa Intervention/Hutu Extremists/Mobutu Regime

Central Africa Intervention Must Not Reinforce Hutu Extremists or Mobutu Regime
Vol.23 No.70 (December 1996), pp567-579
ISSUE: Despite the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Zaïre to Rwanda over the weekend, conflict in eastern Zaïre still poses an immediate threat to the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees and Zaïreans. International military intervention to establish safe corridors for relief and for refugees to return home is still urgent. Equally important is an adequate international civilian presence to support not only feeding but reintegration and protection of human rights for returned refugees. It is extremely important, however, that this intervention be carried out in such a way as to address long-term issues, as stressed by the recent Nairobi summit of East African leaders, by human rights organizations, and by non-governmental groups.