Article from ROAPE Volume 19 Number 52
Women, Work & Ideology in Nigeria

Women, Work and Ideology in Nigeria
Vol.19 No.52 (November 1991), pp38-52
Struggles to control Nigeria's dwindling resources, and to gain or maintain power within the context of economic crisis, are taking place at local, state, regional and federal levels, within and outside formal political structures. The ideologies with which these struggles have been associated, and the struggles themselves, have particular implications for the effects upon women, mediated and mitigated, however, by class differences. This article describes the significance of women's economic activities in Katsina and taking the example of the persecution of ‘independent women’ , explores the conflicting ideologies which circumscribe women. Discusses: The Setting; Invisibility of Women's Work; Women, Work and the Economic Crisis; Formal Sector Employment; Women, Work and the State; Women, Work and the State: Controlling Karuwai; Conclusion.