Article from ROAPE Volume 18 Number 50
From Thaw to Flood: End of Cold War in Southern Africa

From Thaw to Flood: The end of the Cold War in Southern Africa
Vol.18 No.50 (Spring 1991), pp145-158
A cause for celebrations? Who can feel any nostalgia for the palsied regimes of Eastern Europe, even though one may have legitimate fears for the future of such countries as they advance all too heedlessly into the maw of international capitalism? The implications for southern Africa at the ‘end of the Cold War’ is a little more complicated. How is one to assess the costs and benefits of the virtual disappearance of both a Soviet presence and of a ‘Soviet model’ from the lists in that region of the world? Discusses: The Disappearing Soviets; Benefits - and Costs; The Future: South Africa and Beyond.