Editorial from ROAPE Volume 18 Number 50
Africa in a New World Order

Africa in a New World Order
Vol.18 No.50 (Spring 1991), pp3-11
In this the 50th issue of the Review, and at the beginning of the last decade of the millenium, we take stock of the dramatic changes currently taking place in the global political economy and consider their significance for developments in Africa.
We focus on the implications of the collapse of ‘state socialism’ in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union and the character of the emerging ‘new world order’ following the end of the Cold War, so triumphantly proclaimed by the Bush administration.
In particular we explore (as does Chomsky in our first article) the modified role in this new order of the United States, poised now after its bloody victory in the Gulf (100,000 dead), to intervene more arrogantly and energetically in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Discusses: Objectives of the Review; Crisis and Transformation; The New Imperialism; Prospects for Socialist Development; Prospects for Democracy?

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